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Required Resources


  • Course Text: Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support
    • Chapter 5, “Ecology of Nonparental Child Care” (pp. 156–170, read up to “Nonparent Child Care and Socialization”; pp. 177–181, read from “Socialization Practices as They Relate to Nonparental Child-Care Ideologies“)
    • Chapter 6, “Ecology of the School” (pp. 186–187; pp. 190–195, read from “Diversity and Equity” to “Chronosystem Influences on Schools”; pp. 203–211, read from “Mesosystem Influences on Schools”)
    • Chapter 7, “Ecology of Teaching” (pp. 216–234, read up to “Macrosystem Influences on Teaching”; pp. 243–246)
    • Review Chapter 4 (pp. 144–149)


Resources for Action Plan 3



Optional Resources



Fair and Equitable?


As you have learned from the text and perhaps from your own experiences, characteristics such as gender, culture, socioeconomic status, learning styles, disabilities, and at-risk status can impact the ways that adults relate to and interact with children. As a professional, it is vital that you evaluate your own attitudes and strive to be fair, equitable, and proactive in your interactions with children and families.


Review the “Student Characteristics and Teacher Interaction” section (pages 222–237) of your text.


Then consider the following questions:


  • What are some of the complex issues related to gender?
  • What are some of the complex issues related to culture and diversity?
  • Do all children have an equal opportunity to succeed in school?


Choose two characteristics covered in the section you reviewed that concern you the most in terms of the potential for inequitable treatment of young children.


By Day 3:

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