the teacher’s comment on this essay((Your grade on your paper is 13.5/20. This is because your paper had several grammatical errors, making it incoherent at times. You’ve done a great job of drawing on course concepts and Stuart Hall’s article to discuss the film. You did, however, misunderstand discourse. Discourse is a set of symbols, images or language that give meaning to something. Homosexuality was cast as a mental illness because of the discourse around homosexuals. The discourse was that homosexuality was immoral and unnatural. There is power in discourse because it affects how an individual is seen based on how the culture constructs that person’s identity through discourse. Also, heterosexism is not just that heterosexuality is the norm but it is the view that heterosexuality is superior. Finally, what were some of the stereotypes about homosexuals? For examples, they were stereotyped as predators, pedophiles, unhappy, promiscuous, etc. These stereotypes justified laws that discriminated against them.))


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and((There were several grammatical errors in the essay. And be sure to name what the stereotypes were about homosexuals in the 60s.))


the essay was about stonewall uprising

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