Legal Nursing

Section 1: Patient Safety
Nursing care plays vital role in cure of patient. It is because nursing staff is responsible to take care of patients in appropriate manner. If nurses of midwives fails to comply their duties then they will be responsible for the injury of the patient. Charge on nursing staff will vary as per criminal or civil negligence. For this purpose case of Wisconsin can be referred. In this case situation, criminal complaint was filed against Wisconsin due to act negligence which causes great bodily harm to the pregnant patient (Atkins, Britton, & De Lacey, 2011). By reference to this case, it has been held by the Court of Law of Australia that nurses or midwives should act accordance with the statutory standard guidelines in order to prevent risk of injury for patients. Similar to this case, provisions of section 38 of the National Law were not complied in the case of death of Christopher Hammett.

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Analysis of nursing care that is outlined by the coroner in the Findings of the Inquest in to the death of Christopher Hammett is as follows-Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

In the case of death of Christopher Hammett, patient was died due to compounded human errors. According to findings of the Corner, care and treatment received by the patient was the reason of death. Christopher Hammett was 41 year old. He died in April 2005 after elective operation. According to the medical documents, operation was done for the replacement of L5-S1 disc in his back at the Pacific Private Hospital (DʼARCY, 2005). In the legal investigation of case, Coroner found that there was poor nursing management regarding oxygen level in the evening shifts. Due to this fact, error escalated from inadequate pain relief in operation theatre.

Operation of Christopher Hammett had not contained any unusual events. In the operation, his oxygen level maintained at 99% but suddenly it dropped to 64% while transferring from operation theatre to Post Anaesthetic Care Unit. As per his medical records, he was provided with the two doses of morphine at 2mg each prior to the transfer to another ward. However, he was not examined by the doctor in transferred ward. Registered nurse Dean Manton in Post Anaesthetic Care Unit (accommodation ward) said in one of her statements that “he was not aware about the Hammett desaturation event prior to the transfer”.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

During Dean Manton’s shift, it was found by the Corner that inappropriate diagnosis and low oxygen saturations lead to the combination of sleep apnoea along with the use of morphine. In addition to this, it was noticed by the Mr Hammett’s chart that he pressed painkiller button 125 times in two and half hours i.e. repeatedly in each 15 seconds but nurse didn’t notice that he is in pain. Another issue in this case was registered that nurse left the ward by trusting an enrolled nurse (Jennifer Valentine) who should have been working under her supervisor (Mr. Gibbon).

Miss Valentine fails to link the mask to oxygen supply while she was changing Mr Hammett’s nasal prongs with an oxygen mask. After few minutes, she noticed that oxygen saturation levels of Mr Hammett began to drop. However, this mistake was corrected by his supervisor. In the absence of supervisor, she repeatedly wrongly filled his observation chart regarding saturation level.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay  Finally, she requested her supervisor for the visit due to dropping oxygen level (OFFICE OF THE STATE CORONER FINDINGS OF INQUEST, 2015). On the response, Mr Gibbons attended Christopher Hammett in between 1am and 2am. Gibbons analyse the entire situation at the ward. He increased the oxygen level. After that, he takes break for his sleep. However, RN Gibbons failed to analyse situation in appropriate manner. He thought patient is asleep but in actual he was unconscious. At 2 Pm where nurse checked Mr Hammett, she found his eyes were partial opened, his skin was “dusty” in colour and she could not rouse him. She called an Ambulance and patient was taken to the Gold Coast Hospital. However, by resurgence efforts, patient was declared dead (Guido, 2006).

Sequential mistake in nursing care of Pacific Private Hospital can be noticed. Initial mistake in the scenario was limited pain relief administered in operation theatre. Due to which proper cure was not provided to the patient regarding his disease. After the operation theatre, patient was transferred in PACU (GROVE, 2006). In PACU nursing staff was not skilled due to which several issues were occurred in evening and night shift in ward. Low SaO2 was managed by increasing O2 therapy by nursing staff in ward. In addition to this, high pain scores were noticed due to the poor initial pain relied in OT. With the all these mistakes medical condition was severe which cannot be cured by the nursing staff of Gold Coast Hospital (OFFICE OF THE STATE CORONER FINDINGS OF INQUEST, 2015).Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

In this situation, main reason of death of patient was inappropriate care and negligence of nurses. At the several points, there were so many severe mistakes that were made by the nursing staff due to which situation became to be worse. Death of Christopher Hammett could be easily avoided as nursing staff was skilled and qualified for their work. Due to the compounded human error, death occurred. Thus, warrant was issued against the medical and nursing staff by the medical disciplinary body (the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency).Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Section 2: The Tort Of Negligence
Applicability of tort of negligence to nurses involved in this case

Tort can be defined as a wrongful act which causes harm to the innocent party. Generally torturous act is based on the act of negligence of individual. In order to make successful claim for the act of negligence following principles are required to be satisfied-

Duty of care- Initially performing party should owe duty of care to the aggrieved to prevent possibility of injury. Duty of care is general responsibilities which is expected from the prudent person while conduct of act.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

There are several legal and ethical issues which are abundant in the nursing practices. Nurses are responsible to take care of their client by providing them with best quality care, keeping personal data of the clients confidential, ensuring a planned and legal approach towards decision making and working towards the best interest of the patients (Johnstone, 2015). These ethical issues may also arise from the concept of equity, justice along with cost and time of care. It is the duty of nurses to make ethical decisions with respect to their patients and also to ensure that they support the patients with best of their effort to ensure that they are able to take their decisions appropriately. Nurses should follow the code of practices along with legal principles in order to ensure that they adequately address such issue and are able to provide quality care to the patients.
Models designed for the purpose of making decisions with respect to nursing practices supports the process of decisions making by nurses along with providing them with few extra benefits. In the case of nursing no answer can be held as a right answer, a right answer is an answer which is supported by the strongest possible reason. A systematic approach which guides a person towards what to do and what not to do is known as ethics. There are several laws like the Mental Capacity Act 2000 in Singapore and other common law principles of equity, autonomy, beneficence and obligation which guides the nurses with respect to decision making for their patients (Jackson, Girvin & Davidson, 2014).Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Relevant Facts
In the first scenario the patient is a 56 year old man who is suffering from terminal illness and is on a heavy medicine dose. The extra pain reliving dosage provided to him is not liked by him and he wishes the doctors to stop such dosages as he thinks that they are pointless anyways (Jackson & Hutchinson, 2015).

Legal And Ethical Issue
The major issue which the nurses face in this case is to determine that whether such treatment should be provided to the patient against his will or not. The few regulatory guides provided by the the nursing boards in Singapore and Australia include the concept of Autonomy of decisions, obligation and working towards the best interest of the patient.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Autonomy Of Decision
The concept of independence is addressed through the principle of autonomy (Cleary et al., 2013). Applying the principles of autonomy in this case it can be determined that independence of decision making has to be provided to Mr. B in accordance with his wish. According to the ethical code of practices for nurses, the patient has to be provided with all information which would help him determine his condition and subsequently make a decision which addresses the problem. However if the principle of autonomy is applied in this case the patent will be vulnerable to more pain and distress (Kangasniemi, Stievano & Pietilä, 2013).Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

According to the ethical principle of beneficence it is the duty of health care practitioners to build a good relationship with the patient so that he develops a sense of trust and bestows his faith in the service providers (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2013). However if the principle of beneficence is applied in this case it than the practitioner would have to compromise on the principles of obligation and acting towards the best interest of the clients (Jones & Kelly, 2014).

According to the principle of obligation and best interest action it is the duty of the nurses to ensure that the best quality treatment is provided to the patient by ensuring that he receives treatment which is necessary for him (Blais, 2015). In this case the doctor thinks that it is necessary to continue the extra dosage of medication as it would cause pain and distress to Mr. B otherwise. However if in this case these principles are applied it would defeat the principles of independence and Beneficence.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Relevance Of Issue
This contradictory problem faced by nurses in the course of their duty is one of the most significant issues which arise out of the professional practices (Burkhardt & Nathaniel, 2013). Nurses are in a dilemma of understanding what the right approach towards addressing the problem is. In this case the reason provided by the doctor towards continuing the medication cannot be judged as a right or a wrong decision. However it has to be analyzed that how strong is the reasoning behind such a decision. Mr. B is aware that he is suffering from a terminal illness and any treatment to him is just a temporary relief.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Reasonable Approach
In this case if such illness would not have been terminal than the reason behind the doctor’s decision would have been strong enough however in the present condition importance has to be given to the wish of the patient. The nurses may support him to understand the problems with his decision but the final decision must be in accordance to his wish.

The Legal And Ethical Issue
In this case RN Z has committed a fatal error which has led to a cardiac arrest to of of the patients. In this scenario the primary issue is question would be the concept of negligence and the duty of care which a nurse owes towards the patient. R N Z has negligently interchanged the required medication which has resulted in fatal consequences for the patient. It has to be noted that she was not accompanied by ED to the cubicle so as to ensure appropriate administration. The patient is the only earning member of the family and has two daughters.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Nursing malpractice and nursing negligence is the situation when harm is sustained by the patient because of the failure of the nurse to comply with her duty (Engel & Prentice, 2013). Making it simple, nursing negligence occurs when there is a breach of duty of care owed by the nurses towards their patients and such harm caused to the patient was foreseeable (DiCenso, Guyatt & Ciliska, 2014). In Australia and Singapore nursing negligence is much more than a mistake or an error. The Singapore nursing board provides a code of conduct for the nurses to follow towards the quality of care provided by them to the patient (Cole, Wellard & Mummery, 2014). Professional conduct standards are also provided by the the Nursing and Midwifery Board Australia.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Relevance Of The Issue
The duty of care which a nurse owes towards the patients is of utmost important. Any small mistakes and errors can result in fatal circumstance like what can be seen in this case. Nurses are liable to be held accountable for any of their actions towards providing best quality care to the patients. It is the duty of the nurse to ensure that she seeks advice from the charge nurse or the supervisor before she continues to provide care towards the patient. It is the duty of RN to follow the guide and action plan provided to them by their superiors without any mistake. Nurses frequently proceed with their duties without waiting for proper supervision and this subjects the patient to the risk of negligence. Nurses must wait till they do not receive proper guidance and advice from their supervisors with respect to their actions when they are doing an act which requires supervision. According to NBV guidelines for delegation and supervision it is the duty of the nurse to delay the treatment till the supervisor is free to assist them. The guidelines also provide that midwives and nurses should be held accountable for actions and decision which they inherit in the course of work. These actions include personal efficiency of nurses towards providing care. The concept of accountability provided by the code is both ethical as well as legal.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Correct Or Reasonable Approach
In this scenario the best approach which would have been taken by the RN Z is that she should have delayed the treatment till she received supervision by the ED. In case where such delay was not possible it was the duty of RN Z to ensure that she commits no mistake towards here activity and understand the degree of seriousness involved in the activity. RN Z actions have proved to be fatal for the patient who is the only earning member of the family therefore RN Z has to be held accountable for breach of duty of care and subsequently negligence.

The Professional Issue
The main issue which has to be analyzed in this part of the assignment is about reporting of professional malpractices within the system. In this scenario substantial evidence is present against nurse B which signifies that she has been involved in professional malpractices which can have significant ill effect on providing quality care. In the present scenario Nurse B is a single mother who needs the job to look after her children and if evidence is provided against her she would lose the job.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

According to the Conduct statement 2 of the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia nurses should base their practice on professional standards along with broader health system (Ion & Lauder, 2015). Explaining this code of conduct further it can be determined that it is the duty of nurses to protect the interest of their colleagues, partners along with their family members in accordance with broader standards of safety, quality and accountability in health care (Gastmans, 2013). These practices may involve incident reporting, open disclosure procedures, documentation and information management (Huber, 2013). The most important responsibility which a nurse has is to provide competent and safe nursing care. Any situation which might have an ill effect on the professional standards, or situation where one observes unlawful, unethical and questionable practice has to be reported to the authority or the concerned person (Hood, 2013). However if the issue is still not solved it is the duty of nurse to intervene in the process to protect the rights of the patient and ensure quality care. The nurses in this situation can notify the issue to an external authority if it is not solved by the internal process. Similar provisions are also provided in the conduct statement 4 of the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses in Australia.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Relevance Of The Issue
In the given scenario controlled medication which is very essential for the patients and belongs to them is evidently stolen by Nurse B. These kinds of practice will not only effect the health of the patients and the quality of care provided to them but also to the trust and faith which services users have on nursing practices. Now in this case it is know that if evidence is provided against the nurse she will surly looses the job. Nurses also have the duty of safeguarding the interest of their colleagues and in the given circumstances if evidence is provided the single mother would lose the job and she would not be able to look after her children. Therefore there is a clash between ethical, professional obligation and personal duties. These kinds of situation subject the nurses to an ethical dilemma about how to proceed with the situation.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Reasonable And Correct Approach
In this situation the nurses have to give priority to professional ethics over personal obligations. No matter what impact it would have on the personal life of Nurse B , the issue she has been involved in has to be reported. In this case it was also seen that she had been approached with respect to the issue but she denied her involvement in the situation. This was enough to ensure that she is given a warning about the issue and if the problem continues in future it has to be reported to the higher authority at any cost. Moreover nurses have the obligation of abiding by the professional standards provided to them by the code.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

The Ethical And Professional Issue
The major issue which has to be determined in this case is that when medical practitioners should take decisions for a patient against his will. In this scenario Mr. D has been brought to the hospital will chest pain by his son, he claims that it is merely a digestive disorder. Upon diagnosis it was found out that he was actually suffering from a cardiac disease. However even after attempts to explain him about his condition he does not want treatment.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

While taking a decision about the patient who is unwilling to subject himself to medical treatment the medical practitioners have to ensure that best effort is made to make the patient understand the impact of the disease or treatment on him so that he himself is able to take the decision about whether or not to undergo the treatment. The Mental capacity Act 2008 provides guideline for individuals in Singapore who are in a position to take decision for others who are suffering from temporary or permanent medical incapacity (Parahoo, 2014). The act provides that decision taken towards other must be in best of their interest and before such decision is taken the best effort has to be made to make the individual understand the situation and take the decision himself (Potter et al., 2016).Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Relevance Of The Issue
Medical practitioners have difficulty towards understanding which decision would be regarded as reasonable and which would not (Lillemoen & Pedersen, 2013). They are bound by the principle of autonomy along with the principle of obligation and working towards the best interest of the individual. No decision in these kinds of situations can be consider being correct as it would have a different point of view for both the patient and the medical practitioners (Grace, 2013). Practitioners have to ensure that they act is best interest of the patient along with keeping in mind that they do not have to incur additional time and cost in relation to treatment. Finding the balance between these two principles is not easy and the practitioners are subjected to legal action more than often if they take a decision which is against the will of the patient. Moreover the burden of proof is on the practitioners to provide that the decision taken towards the patient was supported by strong reasons.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Reasonable And Correct Approach
In this scenario it is evident the the patient is suffering from a serious heart disease but still he is not agreeing that he needs proper medical treatment in relation to the disease. In this case the doctor has taken all reasonable approaches to make sure that the importance of such treatment is conveyed to Mr. D. in the given circumstances knowing that if treatment is not done than it would result in significant harm and injury to the Mr. D the doctors have the right to take a decision in favor to the treatment. It is to be noted in this case that a carers or family member of the patient is also explain the relevancy and importance of such decision which in this case has been done to the son of Mr. D.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Concluding this paper it can be stated that there are several issues which health care professionals are subjected to. These issues may arise out of both nurse patient relationship and intra personal relationship between nurses. The most important issue which medical practitioners face with respect to their practice is taking decisions for the patients who are not mentally capable of taking their decision at a specific situation. It is the duty of health practitioner to maintain the balance principle of autonomy and the principle of best interest and obligation towards the patients. The nurses according to the professional code of conduct must also report any action which they think is questionable or may hamper the image of nursing towards the general public. Medical practitioners also have a duty of care towards their patients and such duty have to be complied by with utmost importance. The nurses should also accept accountability towards their action, they must be held responsible for any negligent act committed by them which causes harm to the patient or the nursing profession as a whole.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Nurses should also ensure that they take support of the supervisors when they are doing a particular act which would primacy require supervision. In case if support is not available than it is the duty of nurses to delay the treatment till they receive proper supervision. The nurses also have to get authorization before doing any act which is complex and requires support.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

This quote from the founder of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale, pretty much sums up the importance and the nature of the medical occupation that is nursing. Nursing is the profession in the healthcare industry without which the whole healthcare sector would collapse, thus, it is often considered as the heart of medical profession.

As nurses are responsible for taking care of patients and administering various medications on them, it becomes very important for them to get the proper training and knowledge in their field, both theoretically and practically.

As the world is progressing and new issues and challenges arise each day in every field, the field of nursing has also experienced significant impacts in the form of social and technological influences. Due to this the colleges and universities, in order to increase the value of the course and curriculum they have formulated, try to include all of those aspects in their course.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Although, this puts immense pressure on the students, many of whom tent to feel overwhelmed by the new and difficult topics, which in-turn cause them to lose valuable grades. This is why many students require nursing assignment help with their curricular, so that they can pursue their studies and cope with the pressure of their nursing course, in order to become a commendable nurse who can help hundreds of other people with their skills and knowledge.

What is Nursing Assignment Help?
Nursing is a highly sought after profession amongst budding medical students who are looking forward to having a career where they can help people and make a change in people’s lives. In order to become a respected nurse, students have to prepare tough assignment which are given buby their university and learn a plethora of topics. Nursing Assignment help, is an integrated part of any nursing course, as student required guidance and support from to students from expert academic writer who have done plenty of research in this field.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Various Aspects of a Nursing Assignment Help Which We Cover

Foundation of Nursing Practices
Since nursing is a field where the nurses spend a majority of their time with ill and suffering individuals, it becomes very important for them to have a thorough basic knowledge about the fundamentals of nursing, irrespective of the intricacy or the nature of the disease the patient is going through. This topic covers the basic fundamental aspects of nursing which all nurses must learn, before starting their practice in the medical field. It includes different topics such as, the history and evolution of nursing, developing critical thinking, body mechanics, maintaining a therapeutic environment, code of conduct, report making etc. Understanding the foundations of nursing and keeping yourself up to date is crucial, in order to provide nursing assignment help to any student.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Behavioural Health Nursing
This topic of nursing could also be considered as part of psychiatric nursing; it involves treating various medical problems that are prompted by stress or a person’s lifestyle. Nurses need to learn how to cope with these patients and diseases along with understanding the appropriate tools and medications used for treating them. Professional nurses in behavioural health nursing use unique methods such as biofeedback, relaxation techniques along with cognitive behavioural therapy and promote a healthy lifestyle to cope with such issues. Other forms of patient care that nurses undertake in behavioural health nursing are assessing mental health, evaluating the psychological condition, performing pathological tests, caring for post-operative trauma, etc. With behavioural health nursing assignment help, from Total assignment help, you can better understand the tasks which have specific needs to be addressed with detailed approaches such as implementing personality development philosophies, coping strategies, behavioural therapy, etc.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Legal and Professional Aspects of Nursing
Being a nurse, one has to put up with the immense pressure of handling and administering treatment to a patient when they are vulnerable, unfortunately this can open up a possibility of miscommunication, misinterpretation and many other complication, which have adverse effect on the life of the patients. There a laws and legal legislation, which specify the various, job responsibilities, limits, and liabilities of the nursing profession, which the nurses must adhere to in order establish a safe and effective therapeutic environment. Our academic writing experts from different fields of science and humanities include various individuals, who are experts in fields like, nursing, medicine and law. We have a collaborative work environment over here at, which enables our writers to interact with each other and provide the best nursing assignment help to students.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Patient Safety
Patient safety is a complex field that incorporates modern technologies, such as electronic prescribing and redesigning facilities and infrastructure to properly wash hands and collaborating with others. Most of the patient safety aspects don’t require finances; instead, they include clinicians’ dedication to safe practice. The involvement of so many individuals and different kinds of medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, dietitians, and others) makes it hard to ensure, safe treatment of a patient. There is already substantial evidence that increasing numbers of patients that are adversely affected as a consequence of their health care either resulting in permanent injury or disability, extended hospital length of stay and even death. Patients are not only affected by the mishandling of equipment but poor communication between individual healthcare professionals or postponements in receiving care can also endanger them. This why it makes it very important for nursing students, to learn everything about patient safety, through our nursing assignment help services, in order to become competent nurses in the future.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Health Care Policies & Nursing Ethics
This aspect of nursing can be termed as a subsidiary of the topic nursing laws, as it deals with the various policies and management plans that need to be established, along with laying down of code of conduct and ethics of the nursing profession, to provide adequate care to the patients. Much like the legal boundaries for nursing are required to be recognized for proper care, the same applies to heath care policy initiatives because it requires suitable plans, actions and decisions to meet the particular medical care objectives. It’s also extremely essential for the nurses to grasp the ethical principles of nursing and the codes of conduct as well for an optimal and effective workflow for the day to day operations.

Our writers are well- accustomed with codes of conduct and the implementation of the right ethical values in any situation. Since it is such an important part of the nursing occupation, we make sure to include the best of the content material while providing nursing assignment help to students.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay


Gerontology or Elder Care management in Nursing
As the human body ages, it becomes vulnerable to a wide variety of diseases and ailments, which require constant care and medication. Gerontology is the branch of nursing that involves taking care of the elderly and ageing individuals. The nurse, who specialises in the eldercare, is called a gerontological or geriatric nurse. These nurses are trained to perform conventional nursing functions, but they also receive specialized training that makes them better understand other additional needs of the elderly. This field of nursing is in huge demand as elderly population require constant support with their basic daily tasks. This why, there is wide research possibilities in this section, thus colleges and universities include different sub branches of this field such as, bio gerontology, social gerontology, environmental gerontology etc. , and various theories of eldercare such as, free radical theory of aging, biological theories of aging, disengagement theory of social gerontology, age stratification theory, etc. Due to this reason, it becomes essential for students to get nursing assignment help, to get the best research outcomes and a well-structured assignment.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Psychiatric & Mental Health Nursing
Much like eldercare, mental health patients also requires constant care and monitoring, as they as even more vulnerable to accidents, injuries and thus, require special care and treatment. Psychiatric or mental health nurses work closely with patients having mental health issues. They are specialized in nursing for psychiatric disorders, clinical assessment, diagnosis and administering specialised drugs and treatment procedures. It is one of the essential branches of nursing as nurses have to analyse and deduce what is happening in the mind of a patient and the issues that contribute to it. In addition to this, they are also responsible for identifying suspected illness, using proper detection methods for effective diagnosis. Thus, a lot of learning and knowledge is required to perform these tasks. Mental health nursing assignment help a student to develop the required theoretical as well as practical skills, in order to care of mental health patients effectively.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Therapeutic Communication in Nursing
Being a nurse means, having to care for the patients and understand their issues and problems, so that it can be passed on to the doctor in charge or to make an informed decision about the treatment plan that should be followed. It has been noted in several studies that, patients are more comfortable in talking about their major and minor issues with the nurse as compared to the doctor. This is why it is important for a nurse to have the necessary communication skills, to get the patient to open up about their issues and establish a therapeutic relation between the patient and the nurse. In the nursing assignment help provided by total assignment help, we give our writer sufficient time and resources to perform the required research and find the most suitable factual data which would increase the relevancy and quality of the assignments provided by us.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

We are what we eat, right?! It is no new information that our eating habits reflect on our body. Especially in case of patients having some pre-existing medical ailment, even the slightest amount of a food which is unsuitable of that particular person can trigger multiple other medical complications, which further deteriorate the health and set back the recovery process. Thus, it is necessary for a patient to eat the right food while recovering from a disease, but in order to do that, patients require assistance from nurses and nutritionists who have knowledge about the different types of foods which help in the recovery process and the ones they should totally avoid. For this, nurses have to spend numerous hours to understand and memorise the correlation between the nutrients and the different forms of recorded illnesses. Universities facilitate this process with the help of assignment which require thorough research and understanding to fully comprehend the process. In the nursing assignment help provided by total assignment help, we ensure that each and every requirement of your university guidelines is fulfilled and the questions are answered in the best possible way.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

It is the branch of medical sciences that involves the study of drugs and its chemical composition and implication on bodily elements. Pharmaceutical behaviour can be described as a man-made, human, or endogenous substance in the greater aspect. This field attempts to properly deal with a living system with chemicals that leave their influence on the biochemical systems. Pharmacology is divided into the following sub-branches, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Therapeutics, Chemotherapy, Toxicology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Pharmacognesy, Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Comparative Pharmacology, Animal Pharmacology, and Posology.

It is apparent that a nurse has to learn all about the medications along with their respective implication and administration in varying circumstances. They also have to learn the composition of the medications along with knowing how different drugs are administered in escalated situations.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Due to the vast scope of learning in pharmacology, medical students require nursing assignment help, when comes to this particular subject, as a majority of the students struggle with this subject, require guidance while doing its assignments.

Physiology is a fundamental subject of a nursing course or any medical course for that matter. Nurses need to learn and understand the human body’s different systems and functions. This is the fundamental basis for extending clinical aid to patients. Physiology is the comprehensive investigation of vital functions that exist inside a biological system of any living organism. It is known to be a branch of biology that comprises of essential information concerning tissues, organs, biological substances, and anatomy along with various techniques of interacting with each other to ensure the formulation of a suitable treatment plan.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

In every assignment we do under our nursing assignment help services, we make sure that we provide appropriate information, regarding the physiology of the patient so that the examiner appreciated the amount of research done by you and the simplicity of the contents of your assignments.

This discipline is a combination of physiology and pathology which is why it is often known as physiopathology. Pathology describes the symptoms that are encountered when one is under the impact of illness and physiology discusses the biochemical process in which the body performs. Every nurse needs to study this field because they need to consider the physiological changes that are related to a disease or arising from a disease. Along with these, nurses are also required to perform conclusive the diagnosis and the therapies needed. It’s a very important aspect in the field of healthcare.

While doing any nursing assignment, it is always a good practice to include brief statements, highlighting your comprehension of the fundamentals of the nursing field. This why, while writing any assignment for the nursing assignment help required by a student, our expert writers make sure to describe the basic fundamental features of the topic in question, so as to display as good understanding of the research questions.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Community Health Nursing
A nurse interacts with thousands of patients in their career as a medical practitioner, and not only that, people also prefer to speak about their problems with the nurse more as compared to a specialised doctor. Thus, nurses are many times regarded as the ambassadors of good health. It is the responsibility of a nurse to provide people with genuine information and resolution to their problems. Community health nurse is a branch of nursing which deals with the wellbeing of the society, and promote care to a wide demographic of people. A community health nurse spreads awareness about good and healthy practices, educated people about various illnesses, policy reforms, and familiarises themselves with the particular problems existing in the society.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

While studying this course, students have to dedicate a majority of their time in practical learning, which results in a lack of theoretical understanding which is equally necessary. Nursing assignment help provided by total assignment help, ensures that students get sufficient time to dedicate themselves to becoming an excellent nurse by helping them submit their assignments on time with the proper guidance.

Clinical Reason in Nursing
Clinical reasoning is the step by step process using which a nurse of a medical professional, gather information about the patient’s illness and using their own competency makes a decision which forms the treatment plan which is them implemented, and the progress is observed. It is a inherent skill which all nurses must possess and master over time, so as to be able to make the correct judgement and administering the required medications. Clinical reasoning cycle is an 8 step process using which any nurse or doctor analyses and treats a patient. These 8 steps are:Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Gathering information
Identification of problem
Establishing goals
Evaluation of outcomes
nursing assignment help

Therefore, in order to effectively implement this process, a nurse is required to have thorough knowledge and critical thinking skills, along with a good decision making competency which allows them to treat their patients to the best of their capabilities.

While getting nursing assignment help, it is important that the assignments include some new information every time so that the students gets to learn something new , which would help them in expanding their knowledge base, keep moving towards perfecting their clinical reasoning skills.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Preoperative Nursing & Postoperative Nursing
A lot goes into prepping a patient for any surgical process or an operation. A nurse has to work closely with the doctor and the patient, to provide all the necessary pre-requisites to the doctor so that he/she can perform the operation smoothly. This includes, knowing the duties and responsibilities, the issues that need to be examined and addressed prior to performing any kind of clinical procedure on the patient, concepts of preoperative evaluation such as recognition of the conditions of the patient, handling of the entire course with a holistic tactic, accountability for the proper communication of information etc.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Furthermore, the responsibility of a nurse only increases once the patient is done with the surgical procedure. Post-operative nursing refers to the principles of recognizing the roles and responsibilities of nurses in caring for post-operative patients, such as restoring body homeostasis, sustaining body system functions, avoiding post-operative complications, encouraging movement and mobility, upholding renal functions, mitigating obstructions while promoting patient recovery etc.

In order to fully comprehend all of the functions and procedures that going on before, after and during an operation, a nurse to have the required skills and mental competency which can only be achieved through undertaking nursing assignment help from total assignment help, as we provide the best quality of information and academic guidance to students.Legal Nursing Assignment Essay

Neonatal Care Nursing
Neonatal nurses provide care to parents who are expecting a child or are trying to have a baby and help in taking care of a new born baby. A neonatal nurse must possess all of the necessary information regarding the complications than can occur while carrying a baby and during the delivery process, including handling situations of premature delivery. This field also requires a nurse to have a good understanding of handling various complications a new born suffers such as infection, cardiac malformations, prematurity, birth defects, and surgical issues among others.

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Paediatric Nursing
Paediatric nursing is the branch of nursing that involves taking care of neonates and children up to adolescence. A paediatric nurse is required to have sufficient knowledge about providing due care to a child who may be suffering from in illness or injury. These type of nurses are required to have proper knowledge and communication skills to handle and interact with a toddler or adolescent child. Administering the medication in children of such age is also a bit difficult and requires competency to handle the children.

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