The assignment is to create a PowerPoint presentation on a legendary figure, place, item, or event from world literature (1600 CE or earlier). It should contain roughly 800 words of text and some form or forms of other media (art, music, etc.). 
Note that all writing in the project should be original; the projects will be run through Turnitin upon submission
All projects should have:

a title page
MLA style citations/Works Cited page.
The project’s text should be 800 words long.

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King Arthur
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As long as the project has all of these items, you can let your imaginations roam a bit to come up with something really creative.
Required Sources:

at least 4 secondary/critical sources; 2 must be peer-reviewed
at least 1 primary source (literary text, artwork) written/created before 1600

DO NOT use Wikipedia, or others like these as resources for the project. These can be useful as effective ways to get started, but only use them as a springboard to other stronger resources. 

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