For this assignment, you need to read Behind the Scenes by Elizabeth Keckley(You can read it through the link below), then write a thesis-driven paper(600words). The checklist is attached. see belowSubject:
Behind the Scenes or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House Background:
Upon its publication in 1868, Keckley’s text was quite controversial. In fact, the text’s content
was so controversial that it was “recalled” by its publisher in response to tremendous public
outcry. As this text created such a negative response, it is fair to say that this warrants the
question—Why did Keckley actually write this text? What was her motivation? For example,
Keckley tells her reader that she wrote this text as a means to defend Mrs. Lincoln’s honor. Do
you believe that Keckley wrote this text as a means to mend Mary Todd Lincoln’s torn
reputation, or do you think she wrote this autobiography for another reason altogether? Approach:Please avoid background material; it is not necessary, and it takes up valuable paper space
reserved for establishing a strong and valid defense of your position. This paper does not
request or welcome outside research. I am interested in your own close reading of the text;
not critical interpretations. Remember—If you can find details on the internet, I can find the
same details on the internet! More interestingly, I may have even published it! Organization:Because this is a “thesis-driven” paper, you are expected to outline / make your claim(s) in the
first paragraph of the essay and use the rest of the paper to defend your position(s). You may
even use a version of this sentence: “Elizabeth Keckley wrote her autobiography, Behind the
Scenes or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House in order to_____________
because_____________.” Please utilize your paragraphs to defend your position by
explaining your reasoning and providing direct quotes from the text for evidence. Be sure
to explain how your chosen quotes work as evidence. Try to avoid “dropped quotes” from the
text in your essay. A quote is useless in defending your position unless you thoroughly explain
its significance to the position you state in your thesis. Perform a selective close-reading of the
text; introduce and present your reader with the most important evidence and explain its
significance to your position. Additionally, because this is an analytical essay, please write from
the third-person perspective and avoid using “I” at all costs.

Unformatted Attachment Preview

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Assignment—I have read, and I understand the assignment guidelines. ____
Audience—The paper was written with an audience in mind. ____
Organization—The paper contains a clear & brief introduction, body paragraphs, and
conclusion. ____
Introduction—The paper’s brief introduction creates interest in its reader. ____
Thesis Statement—The paper’s thesis statement expresses a claim (a position, perspective, or
opinion) on its topic. Please revisit the prompt for the template I provided if you find yourself
struggling with how to write a strong thesis statement. ____
**Please underline your thesis statement. _____
Body Paragraphs: Each paragraph begins with a topic sentence that indicates its main idea.
The main idea of every paragraph directly relates to the paper’s thesis. ____
Each quote’s relevance to the position stated in the thesis has been discussed. ___
Ideas progress, from paragraph to paragraph, in a clear organized way. ____
All quotes provide evidence to support the thesis and have been cited in-text and on the Works
Cited page. ____
Conclusion—The paper ends with a logical conclusion; it does not finish abruptly. ____
Fine Tuning—The paper has been read aloud. ____
MLA Format—This paper adheres to MLA format as indicated on the assignment sheet. ___
Page Count—The paper meets the required word count (at least 600 words) as indicated on the
assignment sheet. ___

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