Insomnia Example Essay

Insomnia is a symptom or a condition that is portrayed through difficulties in having a relaxed sleep. The difficulties in sleeping may be as a result of stress, medication or psychological causes. Before deciding on the best intervention strategy, it is advisable to consider or rule out the possible causes of the condition. Insomnia Example Essay

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Insomnia Example Essay
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In order to help a person complaining of this disorder, the first option is to subject him to non-pharmacological strategies together with cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia. They include patient education, body relaxation, sleep hygiene, improved sleep habits as well as other forms of interventions that are non-medical. This option should be considered first. The second option is the medical treatment and these include the use of antidepressants, antihistamines, alcohol and other drugs that induce sleep (Mendelson, 2008).Insomnia Example Essay

In the case of a personal business, I would increase worker productivity through operant conditioning by allowing the workers to learn and correct their mistakes following the consequences. In this way, workers will be responsible enough to modify their behaviors to suit what is required by my business. In addition, I would employ various reinforcements among them being positive punishment and rewards. The rewards will be given hard working workers who embrace the values of the organization to ensure that the organization’s productivity is improving. Positive punishments will be given to workers who do not comply with the requirements of the organization even after realizing the consequences of their actions. The schedules that I will use include evaluations of the workers performance and the outcome of their actions annually. There will be daily checks on attendance, productivity level, and compliance with business rules as well as dedication to the assigned duties and responsibilities (Domjan, 2003). This will enable me improve their productivity.Insomnia Example Essay


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