This is a quick turn around requirement.  I am having issues with the Introduction portion of my project.

Course Title is Business Systems Analysis/Design, not Information Systems

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Information Systems Assignment
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Milestone 1


For this milestone assignment, you will be using what you have learned this week to examine how the system development life cycle applies to your final project scenario. You will be using the Milestone One section of the template to complete this assignment. Refer to the Sharpe Style scenario for details on the current state of the company and the business owner’s goals. 


Begin by restating the context of your assignment as an intern at Sharpe Style. Describe why your task is relevant given the role of information technology in business management


I only need this portion accomplished, but please see attached for the full assignment.  If you would like to expand, please do so.  If I like your work, I will pick you up for my tutor for the next 7 weeks.

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