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Due date:

Week 6 Friday (24-Apr-2015) 05:00 PM AEST


Allstudents are tosubmitelectronically–maxfile size is



















This assessment item relatesto courselearningoutcomes numbers 1, 2, 3 and4 as stated onthe course profile.

Assignment 1: You are to write a report on Big Data Technology and services based on the given Case study for PART A: Alana’s Retail Clothing House (ARCH).  For Part B you can choose research any organization using Big Data Solutions. You can do online research to find the organizations who are involved in Big Data Solutions. Your report should address

1.    What Big Data is, and the difference between Online and Offline Big Data

2.    How to select the right Big Data application for your business, project and desired outcomes.

3.    What are technologies available in Big Data?

4.    Business Impact of Big Data

5.    Organizational Impact of Big Data




PartA(maximum1000words)   (20%)



Thispart emphasizes on theuse of Big Data and its applications. Students arerequired todemonstrate research in the area of Big Data and its solutions.


 Over the past several years the retail sector has been bombarded with challenges. Brick-and Mortar stores have closed in record numbers and continue to do so. Indeed virtually every member of the entire industry is at high risk. They are vexed by several threats ranging from increased competition from online super-shopper sites such as Amazon to a plethora of more brand-specific problems, such as lack of differentiators, pricing pressures, muddled marketing messaging, poor businesses processes, online pricing/brand comparison sites, customer reviews on their own websites, vulnerability to customer social messaging, and an overall disconnection with buying public. One of the retail sectors is Alana’s Retail Clothing House (ARCH). ARCH former strategies in merchandising, merchandise selection, pricing models, customer service, and marketing are no longer working as effectively as they have in the past. Theyare planningto introduceanew product into themarket. However, in recent times the companyhas madesomebad investment decisions whichin turnhave impacted their profit bottomline. Thus the senior managementrequires athoroughanalysisof everynew product that is introduced to the market.As asenior Data analyst,you havebeen appointed toadvise thesenior managementon the feasibilityof thenewproduct.


Your taskis to suggest ways how Big Data Solutions can help Alana’s Retail Clothing House.  You need to write a report to thesenior management on Product selection and pricing, using Big Data to develop new pricing models, to find better ways to get more, better, and cleaner customer data which can help profitability. 


PARTB:(maximum1000words)                                                        (15%)


You are required toselect and examinean existing companythat is currentlyusingbusiness intelligenceand decision support systems using Big Data as part of its business strategy.Inorder foryou to meet the requirements ofthis Part B,you need to answer the followingquestions:


1.      Discuss in detail what kind of Big Data online or offline is being used for the business. How the organization of chose the right Big Data application for their business.

2.      Discuss in detail what Big Data toolsand techniques areused bythe organizationto support its business operations or processes. Provide examples on how those tools and techniques areusedinthe organization.

3.   What improvements/enhancements can beobserved from this companyascompared to other companies within thesameindustry when using Big data?  What are the Business and Organizational impact using Big Data?

4.   Howdoyou think Big Data solutions provide values to business intelligence toyour chosencompanyand its customers?

5.   What arethe main factors that influencethe success of business intelligencein the company?


You need to useat least three(5) academic referencesinyouranalysis.








The assignment is to be submitted asone filesusingthe electronic assignment submission system that can beaccessed from the link on thecoursewebsite

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