Basics of Databases Module

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If you need to determine impacts on revenue resulting from an increase or decrease in prices and/or sales, the best option to use is a .

Question 2

Select one answer.
In terms of customer service issues, which of the following is the least likely reason for using a robust CRM?

Question 3

Select one answer.
True or false? Data warehousing is the process of extracting data from a data warehouse.

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Question 4

Select one answer.
Joachim is frustrated at a lack of job advancement opportunities at his current job. Before resigning, he deletes a set of data records that cannot be restored because there is no database backup procedure in place. Which of the following best describes this data issue?

Question 5

Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu.
If a patch is required to address a potential loophole in the security of a database, this would be considered a potential security .

Question 6

Select one answer.
True or false? A record can contain only character data—letters, numbers, or special symbols.

Question 7

Select one answer.
What is a DBMS wizard?

Question 8

Select one answer.
You have voluntarily resigned from your company where you were the database administrator. But you find that you still have access to the databases six months after leaving the company. Which threat best describes this database breach?

Question 9

Select one answer.
A large travel agency has a customer service group that monitors its Facebook page on a 24/7 basis and responds immediately to posts about operational problems. Which of the following best describes the component of CRM in play here?

Question 10

Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu.
If Company B reaches out with ads sent to customers of Company A, the CRM tool used here is .

Question 11

Select one answer.
Which of the following would be an example of a loss of availability to records within a database?

Question 12

Select one answer.
You make an airline reservation using the airline’s website. While at the site, you are encouraged to “Follow us on…” Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter. You visit the airline’s Facebook page and read notices and comments. What is this an example of?

Question 13

Select one answer.
True or false? Not all of the top database breaches in 2013 involved U.S. companies.

Question 14

Select one answer.
True or false? If you are the only user of your personal computer, it is not necessary to perform a risk assessment to identify any vulnerabilities related to your personal database.

Question 15

Select one answer.
Which database model is best used for data warehouses and data mining?

Question 16

Select one answer.
True or false? It is just too challenging to have different passwords for every device you use and every online site that requires an ID and password. It would be OK to use a very strong base word or phrase and change the same 2 or 3 characters in that word/phrase for each site.

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