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Textbooks =


Wiley Pathways E-Business


Greg Holden (Chicago, Illinois), Shannon Belew, Joel Elad, Jason R. Rich with Don Gulbrandsen


March 2008, ©2008


Learning Objectives =


Assess e-Commerce influence on businesses and how it provides a competitive advantage.


Discuss the role of eCommerce in practical business applications.


Evaluate and discuss issues surrounding ethics and security as related to eCommerce.


Readings =


Chapter 8: Marketing an E-Business       


Chapter 9: Effectively Using Search Engines


Assignment(s) =


(1)Discussion Board Activity Post. Respond in 3-4 well researched short paragraphs.


(a)Your team has been directed to market your online specialty wine distribution company. Discuss what automated marketing approaches might benefit your business without adding to your workload? Which forms of offline advertising would most benefit the wine distribution company?


Support your view with evidence, explanations and credible references.




(2)Week 5 Homework Assignment:


(a) Recommend a strategy to attract online customers, which may include online (e.g. search engines) as well as off line (e.g. print ads) techniques. 


(b) Would your strategy include pop-ups?  Why or why not. 


Response should be no less than two pages, supported with credible references and submitted in a APA format. Outside references are required.  Please cite any outside sources you use, such as financial projections, etc. in APA style.


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