Hello i need help to comment 2-4 sentences for each of the following 6 outlines please find attached all the outlines


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I need to comment 2-4 sentences for each of the following 6 outlines
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Ajitzi Perez
ECON 342
1. Introduction- I will give the definitions of some of the concepts that I’m going to use in
order to explain to the investors what to do. Then also explain how a company could use
the concept to produce money.
a. supply and demand?-Supply is used to describe the amount of availability and the
differences of princess for the consumer. Demand is used to describe the disiable
of the consumer and the price they are willing to pay.
b. what determines demand?-Income, tastes and preferences, substitutes and
compliments. This is what a consumer does in order to choose what they will
purchase. (More detail in the paper)
c. Elasticity?-This is when the demand changes because of the differences of the
price. There are two types one is elastic and the other is inelastic. Inelastic is
when the consumer is willing to purchase it at any price. Elastic is when the price
changes and the consumer is not willing to pay the price so they find a substitute
with a lower price.
d. consumers maximizing utility?- This is when the consumer spends their money in
what gives them the most marginal utility per dollar.
e. consumer behavior-?The study of how a consumer will purchase and make their
f. costs? -Fixed is when the price stays the same and variable is when the price
changes every time.
g. capital and labor inputs- ?Capital input is the availability of production of the
capital good.
h. market structure?- perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly,
i. I will also use other words that I might consider important for the Investors
2. I will use 3 good companies and then 2 bad ones. In these companies I will explain how
they use microeconomics in a good way. The explatons that I will do will be with the
words that I define in the beginning
a. . Target Company
Explain the statistics of the company
1. Target customers
2. Subtitudes
Use economics terms while explaining the good of the company
Examples of what they do good. Own examples or other peoples
Pepsi Company
Explain the statistics of the company
1. Target customers
2. Subtitudes
ii. Use economics terms while explaining the good of the company
Examples of what the company does good. Own or others.
Explain the statistics of the company
1. Target customers
2. Subtitudes
ii. Use economics terms while explaining the good of the company
Examples of what the company does good. Own or others.
Uber inc.
Explain the statistics of the company
1. Target customers
2. Subtitudes
ii. Use economics terms while explaining the good of the company
Examples of what the company does good. Own or others.
United Airlines company
Explain the statistics of the company
1. Target customers
2. Subtitudes
ii. Use economics terms while explaining the good of the company
Examples of what the company does good. Own or others.
I need to comment 2-4 sentences for each of the following 6 outlines
Companies to invest in: A membership based help service (Technology), Marijuana/ Marijuana
delivery service.
Supply and Demand
How Supply and demand work
Example in Marijuana
Example in Memberships
Changes in Supply
Changes in Demand
Demand income taste preferences substitute compliments
Changes in Income Effects
Changes in Tastes and Preferences
Complementary goods VS Substitute goods
Examples in Marijuana of Complements and substitutes
Examples in Tech support Of complementary goods and substitutes
Perfect Elastic
Relative Elastic
Unit Elastic
Relative inelastic
Perfect Inelastic
What each market would look like for Marijuana and Tech support
Consumers Maximizing Utility
Explanation of Utility
How it applies to Marijuana and Technology
How relationships-based service can make clients happy
How delivery can help Marijuana business and utility
What are fixed and variable costs and why are they important
Fixed costs in Marijuana Business
Fixed Costs in Tech support Business
Variable Costs in Marijuana business
Variable Costs in Tech Support Business
Market Structure
Perfect competition explanation
Monopolistic competition explanation
Oligopoly meaning
Monopoly meaning
Where do Marijuana and Tech support fall in these categories and why is it important
Outline for Solar installation company
The demand and supply of solar energy.
Explanation of the following major reasons for solar installation.
Explanation for the need for clean energy
Explain the rise cost of crude oil prices.
Policy enactment by federal government.
Explanation on the following factors for proposing solar power installation:
Obtaining funding for solar energy is has been made easier via governmental programs.
Customers have a preference for quality power and durability over aesthetics.
Explanation of how consumer utilization has been mitigated through solar power.
Explanation of how the behavior of the consumer has been affected by the green energy
Explanation of how the need for a cheaper alternative has influenced consumer behavior.
Explanation about the cheaper installation costs as an advantage for solar power alternative.
Explanation of how solar power has affected the energy provision market.
Classmate #6
What is Real Estate
In consideration to the population growth, it is essential to be able to utilize known resources
and harness potential success through a Real Estate Business.
Real estate is a property made up of a land and all the commodities that are in it, specifically:
natural resources, crops and livestock, water, additional mineral deposits, etc.
Supply and Demand
Real estate prices depend on the law of supply and demand: scarce available properties plus
high demand – prices skyrocket; many available properties – prices drop.
It is not easy to balance the supply and demand in real estate but basic Microeconomic
concepts can help.
What is Microeconomics
Microeconomics typically analyzes market mechanisms that establish relative prices amongst
goods and services, and anticipates market failure.
It can help to anticipate factors such as when is the best time the consumers would decide to
buy or sell their properties as well as the factors that drive them to buy properties.
`Influences and Elasticity in Real Estate
There are four key factors that drive real estate. He stated them as demographics, interest
rates, the economy, and government policies/subsidies.
Additionally, income is also an important determinant, not only in influencing acquisition
but also in the elasticity of supply and demand.
Utility Maximization and Consumer Behavior
Utility values can be determined by the ranking of an individual’s preferences from least to
most preferred, with the results being subjective and ordinal.
Consumer Behavior aids in understanding the actions undertaken by the consumers as well
as their drive to deciding which goods/commodities to buy.
Market Structures
The concept of market structure has an important role through its impact on the decisionmaking environment.
It can be classified based on the competition levels and the nature of its kinds; perfect
competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly.
Costs and Factors of Production
The costs faced by companies can be broken into fixed (rent, buildings, machinery, etc.) and
variable (wages, utilities, materials used in production, etc.).
There are four factors considered in the production process, these are: land, labor, capital,
and entrepreneurship.
The real estate industry relies so much on the concepts of Microeconomics and the
application of economic techniques to real estate markets is called real estate economics.
Knowing all of these points and incorporating it to the real estate business, one could easily
maneuver the proceedings of the business.
You have been hired as a consultant by a venture capital firm who wants to start a business. They have
50 million dollars to invest but they have no idea what they want to invest in and no understanding of
microeconomics. Ceate a 7-10 page report offering advice on possible companies to start. Include in
your report the following economic concepts and how they can influence the investment decision:
Amazon.com & marijuana/(CBD oils)/cannabis
To avoid confusion throughout paper I will talk about amazon first then cannabis at the end
compare if necessary/ state differences
1. Introduction
a. Introduce how investment can be beneficial:
b. What companies are going to be recommended
i. Amazon
ii. Marijuana
1. Cbd oils
c. Thesis which include major economic concepts
i. List 1-9/maybe state how microeconomics plays a roll in decision making?
As your venture capital firm looks into investing 50 million dollars I want to recommend taking into
consideration one of the following companies Amazon or Canopy Growth. When one takes a look into
investing one wants to enter the market with the expectation of purchasing a monetary asset which will
provide profit in the future or can later be sold at a higher price for a profit. As we begin, I would like to
discuss the importance of many factors that will help determine why looking into the recommended
companies is beneficial and the most attractive to your future profit. We will look at long-term goals
within a 10-year period of time as an example and talk about the many factors one should consider
when investing….
2. Supply and demand- how markets work
a. Definition:
b. Expected big return and why:
i. Based on trends why a big return should be expected
3. What determines demand-income:
a. Definition:
b. Effects/importance:
4. tastes and preferences:
a. Definition:
b. Effects/importance:
c. Example:
i. For amazon
ii. For marijuana
5. substitutes and compliments:
a. Definition of subs:
b. Effects of subs:
i. Is there subs? If so, which ones?
ii. What makes this product stand out?
c. Definition of compliments:
d. Effects of compliments:
i. What are it’s compliments? How are they doing in the market now?
1. Amazon
ii. Do the compliments help or dec our investments?
a. Definition of elasticity
b. Importance
i. Where our companies stand
ii. Elastic or inelastic
consumers maximizing utility:
a. Definition:
b. Importance
i. How to achieve?
ii. Where we stand what should be the next steps?
1. Amazon:
2. Cannabis: Instant deliveries like amazon
consumer behavior:
a. How to interpret tends
b. What is happening now vs. What we should expect to see
c. What data demonstrates this
i. Source one
ii. Source two
costs -fixed and variable:
a. Label fixed costs: for both
i. How these costs affect profit currently
1. How innovation can help reduce costs
b. Label variable costs: for both
i. How these cost can reduce with automation
capital and labor inputs:
a. Definition of capital
i. Where is capital coming/going from/into
b. Definition of labor inputs
i. What labor is looking right now for these companies
market structure- perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, monopoly
a. Define what market we want to be a part of
i. State why
1. Cons
2. pros
b. What stands these companies out from the rest?
c. What market each of the companies is in
i. Amazon
ii. Cannabis
a. How to determine between the companies listed or both?
i. What one should prioritize over others
13. Works Cited
A. Exploring the endless businesses to invest in can seem daunting but with the
basic understanding of the microeconomics behind it…
Possible companies to invest in?
A. Marijuana?
1. New market becoming legalized across several states
2. Increased demand for its security(tested, trusted, legit products)
3. Used for recreational and medicinal use
B. Netflix/Online streaming services
1. With the pandemic more people are indoors having nothing better to do
2. Attracts audiences of all ages
C. Athletic Performance Supplements?
1. Getting fit is becoming more of a trend with influencers promoting different
supplements to enhance performance during workouts
2. People seeking a healthier lifestyle will want that extra push in their
D. Shopping services i.e. Instacart
1. Gaining new clients and becoming heavily more promoted
2. Creating new job openings for different ages
3. Grocery delivery services becoming more popular
Supply and Demand( How markets work)
A. A market is composed of buyers and sellers represented by Supply and demand
B. These markets tend to equilibrium where supply = demand. Both buyers and
sellers are equally satisfied. At any price other than the equilibrium price, either
side of the market will be dissatisfied At prices above equilibrium sellers are not
selling as much as they want to.
C. Market interference involves the government setting a price. (Price floor/Price
Ceiling). Rent Controls.
Determinants of Demand
A. Tastes/preferences
B. Income
C. Substitutes
D. Compliments
A. For a business you would want to know your elasticity of demand in order to see
what price to put.
B. Price Elasticity
C. Income Elasticity
D. Cross Price Elasticity
Consumers maximizing utility
Consumer behavior
A. Consumer rationale model
B. Assumptions of Economists
1. People know what they like
2. Preferences are transitive
3. These assumptions lead to indifference curves. They are everywhere
A. Fixed and variable costs
Capital and Labor inputs
Market Structure
A. Perfect competition
B. Monopolistic competition
C. Oligopoly
D. Monopoly

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