Read the two scenarios below, and write a two page paper in APA format, double spaced, in 12 point font and with a 1” margin for each scenario. Please make sure to properly cite all sources.


  1. Joe English, an engineer with National Construction, travels to WV Steel Company in West Virginia to buy steel cable made by WV Steel to help support the upper decks of a new football stadium National is building in Colorado. Jessica Smith, a contractor with WV Steel, looks at the plans for the stadium and sells the recommended cable to National. The stadium is built using the cable WV Steel selected. During a football game, the upper deck collapses due to the inability of the cable to support the weight load. National Construction now faces a lawsuit from thousands of plaintiffs injured or killed in the collapse. While on the trip to look at the plans, Jessica crashes her business car into a busload of children. The accident happened because Jessica ran a red light; she was late for her meeting with WV Steel and was rushing. Three children were hospitalized, and the bus driver was injured such that she can never drive a bus again.

    Write a persuasive argument defending your position. Cover the following:

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    1. Assuming the steel cable was not defective in either its design or manufacturing process, does National have a cause of action against WV Steel?
    2. Do the bus passengers have a cause of action against WV Steel? Jessica?
    3. What are the legal responsibilities and liabilities of the above parties?
    4. What would be the impact of this type of legal issue to small and large businesses?

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