Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Human development is the process by which human became biologically mature. This is also known as developmental psychology. Therefore as an individual grow, the human mental functions develop and can thus be classified into three separate area (Frijda, 1986). The first one is the cognition, which is the area of thinking, affect, which is the feeling part, and conation, which is the willing part. This makes upon the most important part of the human development, emotion that is the most explored form of effect and the motivation, which is another name of conation.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

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Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay
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This volume therefore takes the biggest part of psychology that is almost two third. Simply explanation of both emotion and motivation can be related to the basic operation of mind that is closely related to knowledge and desire. The two category accurately reflects how contemporary psychology draws a boundaries where cognition is drawn in 0one side and what is not included in the cognition that include emotion and motivation are held as defaults.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Relationship between emotion and motivation

Both emotion and motivation according to the interpretation that was offered by Duffy, they both offer a high intensity of energy rather than direction or information through the interpretation that he offered for the knowledge dichotomy. They are then intuitively characterized by pressure and heat, which is now a contrast to cognition. They both move an individual in the same way. Nevertheless, there is no clear explanation of how these process works scientifically making it hard to understand the phenomena in question and thus the most important thing then became the process that underlay the whole process.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Both emotion and motivation in human development depends on the relationship that is there between the organism and environment. Emotion ensures that it put more emphasis on the aspect of valuation of the relationship. This is how and individual feels. In the case of motivation, it emphasizes on how an individual acts in respects to the situation that is of interest. This makes the two to be closely related to each other as situational evaluations largely determine action priorities. This means that wherever and individual grows liking, this implies that one has higher affinity for attraction while disliking bring about repulsion. Therefore, emotion is the precursor of motivational phenomena. The reason is that they signal our desire to act towards a specified portion of environment.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Therefore, if the efforts that we offer towards an intended goal leads to attaining it, we usually evaluate this outcome positively. However, if our actions to not lead to attaining our goals we tend to be negative about the whole process. Therefore, in human being emotion may serve as a reward or as a punishment for motivated behaviors. Therefore, much of the human activity may be driven by the effect-regulatory goals of either one form or another. This means that an individual is susceptible of doing something as they anticipate that the make them feel better.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

In addition, if the person perform an action that results to an effective consequence, it is mostly obviously likely that the same will be portrayed in future through the simple principles of reinforcement (Kaminski, et al 2010). Otherwise, this hedonism do not apply across board especially in an account of all varieties of motivational phenomena the reason being that mostly people strive towards a more abstract end that includes mastery and understanding of events. However, some of the theorist believes that the pleasure principle is always in indirect work even now making satisfaction be deferred almost indefinitely.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Motivation includes a range of different processes that are interlocking that include biological defined as urges as desires acquired affinities and aversions and the implementation of the conscious intentions. To explain completely any motivational phenomena it always right to put a cross references to the internal and external factors as well as instincts that are developed through learning. However, such factors are different in relative to different cases.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

The emotion and motivation can be related to hunger. This feeling that is associated to the desire for food where appetite is the motivation that underlies eating. Though eating is essential for biological survival, a complex interaction between the organisms and the environment variables controls relevant responses (Kaminski, et al 2010). This means that although humans are equipped with psychological mechanisms which regulate taking of food automatically to ensure that the 0ut going energy is balanced, during dieting this process can be overruled causing the lowering of this homeostatic process.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay


According to the earlier psychologist, they thought that the emotions would bring about problems on the higher mental abilities of the rational thought and in decision-making. There was a thought that was put across by the psychologist tat says that emotions is a base instincts which is brought about by the evolutionary heritage that holds a contemporary thought that ensures that emotions are well held in light (Plutchik, 1994). They in addition ensures that the essential survival and the major personal enrichment that has linked towards the immune functions. This makes it to express the individual behaviors.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Theories of emotion

These emotion behaviors offer relationship among biological reactions and thoughts during the human development. The first theory was called James-Lange theory. It offers the explanation that during the development, the emotion grows to offer stimuli towards the environment causing psychological change in our bodies that causes emotions thus affecting the muscles, skin and internal organs.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

The next theory of emotion is known as Cannon-Bard theory. This theory holds that individuals process emotions mentally and responds towards it physically and simultaneously one after the other (Plutchik, 1994). The other one is the Schacter-Singer theory that is also known as cognitive theory of emotion. Some people call it two factors theory. This theory offers us the situation in which we are supposed to interpret our arousal state.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Finally, we have facial expressional theory. This brings about unlearned pattern of facial movements that includes postures that is likely to be completely independent of the conscious thought. This suggests that emotional experiences arise from reactions that emanate from the body.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay


Motivational and emotion works concurrently in the human development becoming more advanced as one get better knowledge of the environment around. This ensures that one is able to respond towards any change that comes. Through emotional focused coping process, one is capable of getting the motivational phenomena that helps in affecting once regulation that is normally determined by relatively high-level psychological processes that is usually based on intentionality and deliberation.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Nevertheless, due to the complexity in the field of human development in relation to motivational and emotions it requires a current theories that will be able to explain the interrelationship among the emotional, motivational and cognitive process among people. This will ensure that there is complete untangling of the psychology behinds it. This will ensure that a new framework of these processes is put in place for the development of human has been changing with the changing environment and the technology.Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

Nevertheless, through some of the human development theories such as that was put across by Bronfenbrenner is of importance as their suggestion helps us to develop the knowledge in this field. Socio-historical theory among others has really helped in understanding this idea where cognitions are constructed as part of social interactions where also motivational as well as emotions are part. Human Development, Motivation & Emotion Essay

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