How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Life with diabetes can be difficult.

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How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay
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RQ1 what is diabetes? Glucose is produced in the liver and insulin is produced in the pancreas, insulin helps the body break down the sugar in the blood stream. Insufficient insulin means the that the liver is producing masses amounts of sugar and the cells in the body are not absorbing it, insulin helps this …show more content…
Diabetics also must check their own sugar on a daily basis, sometimes up to three times a day, with a special at home tester. The aim is a blood sugar reading of 80-120mg/dl, either fasting or two hours after a meal. If someone is not diabetic, the body should be producing enough insulin to break down the sugar in the blood, therefore giving a fairly normal reading.
RQ3 how do you control the disease? Controlling diabetes can be hard but if it is kept in check regularly then it becomes like second nature. Diet and exercise are important, eating the right foods that are low in fat, sugar and carbohydrates will keep sugar levels lower. Type II diabetics can often control their diabetes simply by losing weight and changing their lifestyle, but if that is not enough, there are medications that can be taken.
RQ4 what medications are there? Type II diabetes usually starts out with an oral medication that helps the cells absorb the excess sugar in the body, the medications sensitize the cells so they are more productive, often times in a diabetic person, the cells do not recognize the sugar therefore they do not know what to do with it. One of the signs of diabetes is excessive urination, it is the bodies way of getting rid of the sugar that the cells are not absorbing without medication. After awhile, however, even type II diabetics usually end up on insulin injections because oral How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Diabetes is a lifelong disease that can affect both children and adults. This disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. It claims about 178,000 lives each year. Type one diabetes, also known as insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, usually occurs in people less than thirty years of age, but it also may appear at any age. Diabetes is a very serious disease with many life threatening consequences, but if it is taken care of properly, diabetics can live a normal life.

Diabetes is a disease that causes an abnormally high level of sugar, or glucose, to build up in the blood. Glucose comes from food we consume and also from our liver and muscles. How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay
But if it’s not taken care of, uncontrolled diabetes can damage a persons’ vision, cause nerve damage and infections to the feet. Also, it can cause poor blood circulation and kidney disease. Many of these problems can be prevented by having a low fat, low alcohol diet, maintaining a reasonable body mass, and working out thirty minutes five days a week. Performing these activities can also help reduce the risk of getting diabetes. There are many risk factors that one should take into consideration. Having high blood pressure, being inactive and overweight are both very high risk factors. If a family member has diabetes or if a person is African, American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino descent, they also have a greater risk of the disease. Diet is the most important part of diabetes management. Without a proper diet, the amount of drugs and insulin needed to control blood sugar levels may be inadequate. Diet control helps reduce high blood sugar and reduce the risk of complications like heart attacks and high blood pressure. It also helps achieve ideal body weight and reduces the problems associated with obesity.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus is a growing disease in the United States. When developing a care management plan for new diabetic patient, several areas of education and resources should be considered. The purpose of this paper is to describe a hypothetical care plan for a newly diagnosed diabetic, including case management model used, initial and ongoing educational needs, and data collection and evaluation.How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Case Management Model
Jane Doe has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes postpartum. In order to provide continuous high quality care across the continuum, a diabetic case management plan will be needed. The plan will be the center of a diabetic case management team that adheres to a specific set of predetermined protocols and clinical care pathways (Cohen & Cesta, 2005). Members of the team will include a physician, nurse case manager, with the potential to consult a dietician, diabetic educator, and a social worker. This nonunit based multidisciplinary team approach ensures Jane Doe will receive care from experts in diabetes throughout her hospital stay as well as post discharge. The nurse case manager, along with the physician, will be responsible for developing an individualized plan of care. In addition, the nurse case manager will coordinate the recommendations from any additional team members that are consulted in a timely manner (Cohen & Cesta, 2005). The ultimate key to appropriate disease management is patient education; this is the tool that will empower Jane Doe to manage her diabetes successfully and to live a healthy, productive life.How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Diabetes type II is one of the fastest growing chronic diseases in many countries and large scale prevention measures have been proposed to control the rising health menace (Codario, 2005). Diabetes mellitus is a serious complication with other associated health effects such as heart diseases, stroke, limb amputation and kidney failure. The disease has been underestimated in many places, and the associated health effects are rife. Type II diabetes as a condition arises from a situation in which the body producing insulin, but the forming a resistance hormone control effects (Codario, 2005).

Furthermore, the condition can be accelerated when the beta cells do not produce enough insulin. Insulin is one of the hormones apart from glucagon that antagonistically control the sugar levels in the body (Healthy People, 2013). There are risk factors that lead to onset of diabetes and its progression such as overweight, high blood pressure, history of pre-diabetes and abdominal obesity. Many studies indicate that healthy eating and weight management may help delay the onset of diabetes. This paper will delve in discussing some of the adopted projects that can help in reducing diabetes among the risk groups and those that are already diabetic (Healthy People, 2013). This intervention program will target adults from the age of 25-65 years old.How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Diabetes and Family Nurse Practitioner

Diabetes is a disease that affects many families in the United States and as a family nurse practitioner my role will be issuing diagnostic tests to the patients within the affected families. My profession is critical since it will assist in the whole process of assessment and recommendation of care especially for severe cases. In conjunction with other professions in the area of medicine and nutrition, it is possible to device initiatives of early detection and prevention of the disease. As an area of study, I will be in a position to come up with diabetes management programs that will benefit the adults within the bracket of 25-65 years.

Current Literature on the Problem

One way of controlling diabetes is understanding that this condition should remain an individual initiative. In this program, people at risk of the developing the diabetes will be advised on ways of reducing the leading risks (Herman, 2010). For instance, people who are overweight will need to develop physical exercise program. The physical exercise program will help in reducing the excessive weight gain and shedding off some fat (Herman, 2010). Further literature review indicated that diabetes arises from choices ofood (Liburd, 2010). Inclusion of the fruits and vegetables and reduction of heavy intake of fats and salted food will help in decelerating the associated risk factors. Individuals with diabetes on various intervention approaches have been advised on eating whole meal grains and legumes and avoid highly refined food. The derivation from this recommendation is that this food has a low glycemic index compared to the refined food.How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay
Disease prevention theoretical framework


This will under three tier system based on the following programs:

Self-Awareness Program

A good exercise program should be adopted to exercising the whole body muscles. Running is the simplest form of physical exercise that can be used by the people who are already at risk and diabetic. In the diabetic patients, exercises increase the metabolism of blood sugar. This consequently reduces the hyperglycemic status of the blood. Cycling, on the other hand, can achieve the desired result since it is fun, and it is a form of cardiovascular exercises (In Edelman & In Mandle, 2006). The above named exercises can help in reducing the risk factors for the non-diabetic persons and supplementing medication for persons with the disease (Codario, 2005). The exercises are inexpensive and require small amounts of investments i.e. bicycles and sport wear shoes. The individuals can enroll for gym classes for daily exercises (Liburd, 2010).How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay This program forms a primary care initiative as a lifestyle intervention focused on delaying the onset of Type 2 diabetes. A close follow-up of the program can help in reducing the prevalence of diabetes.

Early Detection Program

This program can help in a great deal in preventing instances of diabetes. This program is meant at providing screening, early detection and referral services for the at-risk communities. The program coupled with early diabetes screening will help in adopting the appropriate control measures such as seeking medical attention (Liburd, 2010). I would recommend testing for detecting diabetes especially for families in which one of the members has diabetes. As a solution-based program, the initiative will help in recommending the appropriate treatment measures for the members who already have the disease. The initiative arises from the fact that most people are ignorant of their medical status (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (Paris, France), 2012).

Nutrition education program

In conjunction with nutritionist and dieticians, this program seeks to sensitize the people on their eating habits. The derivation from this recommendation is that this food has a low glycemic index compared to the refined food. Once digested it releases sugar to the body in small amounts to the systemic circulation (Liburd, 2010). The program will target both the persons with the disease and those at risk. Fast food sold in the street corners have the high content of fat and salt. Furthermore, they do not contain soluble fiber that helps in control of blood sugar levels (Herman, 2010).How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Local Awareness Diabetes Campaigns

The campaigns are meant at sensitizing the community on the issue of diabetes. The community will be advised on the risk factors associated with the disease. Training program will be taking at the community centers within the local towns. Families will gather in these public halls and be taught on the issue of diabetes (Herman, 2010). Adoption of the program arises from the realization that information is the only way that people can help manage many issues in life. People will be advised on the local programs and services offered in the health centers on the management of diabetes mellitus type II. The above programs will help in controlling the issue of diabetes mellitus for the persons with the disease and those at risk (Healthy People, 2013).How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Proposed intervention Initiative

The above theoretical framework lays the basis of forging an intervention based solution. The intervention measure will take into consideration all the epidemiological, social and environment assessments of the predisposing factors. The following will form the intervention strategy:

Early screening of the disease among the young adults of the ages 25-65 years.

Proposed weight management among the adults within the age bracket

Regular medical check-up for persons with diabetes. Those on a self-weight management program will require personalized kits

Availing access of the drugs that help in management of sugar-levels. This will form the basis of medical supplementation.

Increase the awareness to the people who within the age bracket of 25-65 years How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay

Evaluation of the intervention initiatives

Regular medical surveys will be conducted to assess the level of new diabetic contraction rates and its incidences within the society. Patients who have managed their sugar levels through the prosed intervention strategies will be motivated through a reward scheme. This will further encourage them to continue losing weight or being aware of their health. Evaluation based strategy on the efficacy will entail personal evaluation of the patients as well as the overall community evaluation. How To Manage Diabetes From Home Essay


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