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  1. Understanding the different ideologies of these artists, describe the philosophical difference between Thomas Hart Benton’s City Building and Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry Mural?

  2. Select one artwork that reflects that downturn of the Great Depression. State the name, artist and date, and then give a two paragraph analysis of the work including a personal interpretation.

  3. Imagine you are a docent or visitor’s guide at an art museum. You are responsible for conducting an international tour of foreign visitors and students through a museum exhibit exploring American Abstract Expressionism. Write a minimum two paragraph summary of what you would say to them about the overall movement and artworks of American Expressionism.

  4. Cultural primitivism enforces nostalgic ideas about returning to an untouched nature, spiritual purity, and cultural traditions. Many of the artists associated with Southwest Modernism displayed this ideal in their work. Give an example of one of these paintings and how it expresses cultural primitivism.

  5. The writer and philosopher____________ coined the term ‘New Negro’.

  6. The widespread acclaim of Abstract Expressionism was responsible for this city becoming the center of the modern art world.

  7. What were some of the adjectives that Robert Motherwell used to describe Abstract Expressionist painting?

  8. Give a brief description of Clement Greenberg’s critical idea of ‘formalism’?


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