Essays must include the documents listed. However, students will only reference the listed documents in their essays. Also, the considerations are only given to pique the interest of the student who may or may not wish to use them


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History Assignment
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7. An Anxious Affluence 1919-1929


Chapter Reading: Chapter 21


Essay Question:

Describe the competing cultural trends in the 1920s, including nativism, modernism, fundamentalism, Black Nationalism, and racism. Identify the reasons for the reemergence of the Ku Klux Klan, the origins of the black cultural renaissance, and the religious and social debates that led to the Scopes trial in Tennessee.

Analyze the influence of popular culture on social norms and morals. State the innovations that allowed for the spread of mass culture and explain their impact.


Documents to include:

·      21.2

·      21.3

·      21.9


“Nancy Hewitt and Steven Lawson. Exploring American Histories: A Brief Survey with Sources. Vol. II. Bedford Martin Publishers 2013


·      Challenges in social change

·      Harlem Renaissance

·      KKK, Nativism, Marcus Garvey and Fundamentalists

·      Racial Violence

·      Cultural wars

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