Option A: John Wesly, was an Anglican minster in the Church of England. his theological writings led to the foundation of Methodism. He traveled tirelessly preaching about personal responsibility, against predestination, and for personal experiences of the divine through reading, preaching, and devotion.  While he remained within the Anglican community, the Methodist Church was considered separate by many Anglicans.  In “A Calm Address to our American Colonies” he argues in a measured tone against revolution.  Please analyze his argument and discuss its relative merits, being careful to cite his work as you critically analyze it and express your own thoughts on its merits. 

Option B: Thomas Paine is famous for his political activism as a revolutionary in the colonies whose works reflect Enlightenment arguments regarding natural rights and the consent of the governed. In “The Author’s Profession of Faith; Of Missions and Revelations,” Paine put forth his arguments regarding religion, religious institutions, personal rights regarding religious choice, and revelation. Please analyze his writing, explaining his position, and fitting it into the context of the Enlightenment and the  post-reform Republic.  How would you describe his beliefs? What is he arguing for and against in his work?

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