First read the first ten pages of Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Story, attached. This is a comic book published in 1957 that tells the story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the non-violent protest methods used by the boycotters. Then watch the videos linked below. The 1955-1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott is a short film that tells the master narrative version of the story. Next watch Hidden Women of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. For each of these sources, pay attention to who the “heroes” are in each. Who gets responsibility for important actions, and why? You will need your notes for the analysis.The 1955-1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott (4 minutes) Women of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (6 minutes) will compare and contrast the three sources, by answering the question below. Here is some background about each source to help you with the analysis.
The comic book was produced by an organization called the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and it promoted nonviolence and understanding between peoples of all ethnicities. The author did not participate in the boycott, but he did have input from several people who did, including Dr. King.
The 1955-1956 Montgomery Bus Boycott was produced in 2016 by Comcast as part of its Voices of the Civil Rights Movement series, created to commemorate Dr. King’s legacy.
The last video, Hidden Women of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, was created in 2019 by Alabama news website,, which claims to provide “fresh perspectives” (their words) on the news, history, etc.
Each of the sources gives credit to certain individuals for the successful boycott. Answer the following questions:
In each source, who is given credit for the boycott’s success, and why?
Why do you think the three sources do not agree on who should get credit for the successful boycott?
Be clear and logical; as you answer the questions, be sure it’s clear which source(s) you are discussing.There is no word count minimum or maximum, or formatting instructions.

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