Hello I need help to Paraphrase this Job Description please find attached please make it professional as much as you can.Thank you

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Hello I need help to Paraphrase this Job Description
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We at Health Care are pleased to offer Mr. (Name) an internship position with our company as
an Office Manager. The term of this internship is to begin February 1, 2020 and end on
March 31, 2020. This internship opportunity will include mandatory attendance of
approximately 15 (fifteen) to 20 (twenty) hours per week and is unpaid.
Job Description:
The purpose of the internship is to provide meaningful, professional hands-on experience to a
student with proven academic performance and leadership potential. This management
position will incorporate several different skills and learning opportunities to include:
Provide assistance with managing and evaluating business and employee performance.
Assist in the creation and application of new-hire management paperwork and
checklists for future hires and interns.
Assist in the organization of company files, and various administrative tasks.
Review current operations procedure and provide insight as to where management can
grow and/or become more efficient.
Complete special projects as assigned.

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