Health Finance Research
Write a 3-page paper in which you report your findings from your research.

Identify information on Tenet Healthcare, exploring their policies and procedures for fiscal planning and financial management. Use Nexis Uni and other sources to locate publicly available financial information for this organization. 

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Healthcare Finance Overview
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Use it as context to address the questions listed below, Using the information you found on Tenet Healthcare, please respond to the following questions:

1. Indicate the name of the organization: Tenet Healthcare
2. Provide some background context on the organization (location, size, focus, services provided, demographics of patients served, for/non-profit status, etc.).
3. Does it have a separate finance/business department? Who is the executive over this department?
4. What are the typical duties and responsibilities of financial managers within a healthcare organization? Do you feel these apply to this organization?
5. What is the mission, vision, and goals of this organization?
6. Comment on the organization’s strategic planning process and its relationship to financial management. Is there an appropriate alignment? Support your perspective.
7. What type of budget does the organization use? Provide a bit of detail on what this type of budgeting is.
8. What is the most expensive aspect of healthcare delivery?
9. How is healthcare finance related to the cost of care, quality, value, waste, performance improvement, regulatory compliance, provider relationships, and insurance reimbursement/payors?
10. What measures has the organization used to contain costs?

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