Part 01: Interacting with Culturally Diverse Patients

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Healthcare Administrative Office Procedures Essay
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Mrs. Abdul, a devoted Muslim, has recently emigrated from the Middle East to live with her daughter and son-in-law. The Abdul family are patients at the clinic you work at as a Medical Administrative Assistant for about 4 months now. In that time, you have noticed that Mrs. Abdul has arrived late for all of her appointments to date. She has arrived late for her appointment today and seemed reluctant to answer many of the questions that are being asked to her. Also, it is observed that Mrs. Abdul allows her daughter to speak for her most of the time. Based on some preliminary testing that was conducted, Dr. Jones is concerned that Mrs. Abdul may have cancer, but must do some further diagnostic testing to be sure.


In 1-2 pages with the use of a minimum of two credible resources, discuss the importance of understanding cultural differences in the medical environment and how they can improve patient care and outcomes. Then discuss methods how to resolve the communication barrier between the doctor and Mrs. Abdul to allow for further diagnostic testing, importance of arriving on time for appointments, and highlight possible complications to overcome to ultimately improve patient care and outcomes for Mrs. Abdul.Healthcare Administrative Office Procedures Essay

Part 02: Writing Professional Correspondence

You will practice writing a professional correspondence to a patient summarizing the results of their recent visit and the doctor’s recommendations. The requirements of your letter are:

Block or modified block format
Indented paragraphs
1-2 paragraphs in length
Include current date
Letter addressed to patient: Monica Peters
Letter signed by doctor: Julia D. Mallard, MD
Take the following data/information and format it into complete sentences summarizing the results of Mrs. Peters’ recent visit and her doctor’s recommendations in 1-2 paragraphs within your letter.

Make sure you include of the following data/information in your letter:

Clinical Data to include
Hemoglobin A1C results were within normal limits from recent visit
Test results of Hemoglobin A1C were 6.8%
Desired results would be a value less than 7.0%
Type II diabetes is under control
Current dosage of Glucotrol XL of 5mg/day is appropriate and should be continued
Glucotrol XL prescription is enclosed for continued use
Repeat Hemoglobin A1C test in 6 months
If any questions or changes occur, contact office

The field of study I am particularly interested in is Medical Office Administration. Based on my own research this job involves sitting for long periods of time, requires extensive knowledge of computers and the ability of multitasking. The roles of this job include effectively managing an office. Healthcare Administrative Office Procedures Essay They work in a variety of fields ranging from a physician’s office to a rest home facility. There are particular skills needed to do well in this, which include being well-organized, good communication skills, and an understanding of medical terms. This job is more suitable to people who work well with computer technology. In addition, someone who is able to pay attention to details would succeed in this field. I am interested in this field based on the heavy use with computers and the fact that there is a variety of job options out there. In the Medical Office Administration field, these types of jobs will be in higher demand as the population continues to grow.

With this particular job, daily duties will include answering the telephone, scheduling appointments, organizing medical records, processing insurance forms, etc. Also someone in this field could have bookkeeping tasks or use spreadsheets. It is necessary to have throughough knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, and also PowerPoint to effectively complete these duties. If any doctor or other health official needs something done, it is an Administrator’s job to effectively complete that. Healthcare Administrative Office Procedures Essay

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