Health Information Patient Handout

To prepare:

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Health Information Patient Handout Assignment Paper
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· Select a health issue of interest to you.

· Identify the audience or population that you seek to educate about this issue.

· Search the Internet to find credible sites containing information about your selected topic.

· Review the two health literacy websites listed in this week’s Learning Resources. Focus on strategies for presenting information.

To complete:

· Design an educational handout on the health issue you selected. (Childhood Obesity)

o Include a cover page.

o Include an introduction that provides:

§ An explanation of your issue and why you selected it

§ A description of the audience you are addressing

o In the handout itself:

§ Develop your handout in such a way that it attracts the attention of the intended audience.

§ Include a description of the health issue and additional content that will enhance your message (i.e., key terms and definitions, graphics, illustrations, etc.).

§ Recommend four or five sites that provide clear, valuable, and reliable information on the topic.

Note: Remember to keep the information in your health handout and its design at the appropriate level for the audience you are seeking to inform. Submit your Assignment as a Word document.Health Information Patient Handout Assignment Paper

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