Health Impact Assessment Essay

Throughout this complete health assessment, I will approach my patient, a 49 years old, female, married patient, and perform a head to toe examination.Health Impact Assessment Essay Starting with the gathering of information, I will start with biographic data, reason for seeking care, present illness, past health history, family history, functional assessment, perception of health, head to toe examination, and baseline measurements. The subjective data will be collected first, where the patient will provide necessary information about every organ system for further examination while the objective data will be amassed in every system based on my findings. This assignment serves as an opportunity to establish a nurse-client interpersonal relationship that…show more content…
Stopped after 6 months because of drowsiness. 1990: Diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease, which resolved after three months on cimetidine. She describes no history of cancer, lung disease or previous heart disease. Allergy: Penicillin; experienced rash and hives in 1985. Social History Alcohol use: 1 or 2 beers each weekend; 1 glass of wine once a week with dinner. Tobacco use: None. Medications: No prescription or illegal drug use. Occasional OTC ibuprofen (Advil) for headache (QOD). Accidents or Injuries: No automobile accident. Immunizations: Childhood immunizations up to date. Last influenza, “probably 2 years ago”. No TB skin test. Last Examinations: Last examination 2 weeks ago, general check up, told “normal”. Yearly clinical breast examination (CBE), mammography, told “normal”. Yearly Pap smear, last performed January last year, 2010. Last visit to oncologist, 2008, told “normal”. Health Impact Assessment Essay

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Health Impact Assessment Essay
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As nurses working in the healthcare profession we have the responsibility to protect every individual and the population as a whole as a whole susceptible to certain diseases. Preventing and reducing illness is as important as dealing with the effect. Nurses work with other healthcare professionals to address the factors that cause people to become susceptible to certain diseases and help them through a combination of educational and environmental supports for actions and conditions of living conducive to wellness. Nurses are part of the answer because they are well equipped to interact with our community in ways that encourages choices and openness to decisions that have a more positive impact on lifestyles and health outcomes`According …show more content…

Nurses were given the mandate of promoting health by educating the public about various health indicators and their role were clearly spelt out so there was no confusion.Health Impact Assessment Essay The role of nursing was designed at helping the community manage the diseases and ailment which are part of everyday life, and will progress to helping the community stay healthy based on health promotion. Based on a recent report on p Preventing Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders among Young People from the Institute Of Medicine, nurses can play an important role in supporting the implementation and evaluation of these interventions in a variety of practice and community settings. Since the medical field was discovered nurses has always been in the forefront, the fact that they are the one in direct contact with the patient and the public at all time, make them the best instrument to carry out of health promotion.
Healthcare has becoming an essential part of healthcare development and is related to educational, clinical, behavioral, and organizational issue. It is important to say that health promotion cannot be delegated to a specific role or function it is everyone responsibility to play their part to make it a reality patient included. It is to underline that every nurse in all areas need to be committed to the success of this project.Health Impact Assessment Essay


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