Your assignment is to research and identify a particular business-related ethical issue that has occurred within the last year either nationally or internationally. You should choose an ethical issue that will demonstrate your ability to analyze a set of facts, identify ethical and unethical issues, and show your understanding of the legal, social, and cultural consequences of unethical behavior.


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Writing this 5-6 page research paper will help you realize how ethics can enter into specific business situations and to recognize the ethical issues that arise from the “real world” of business.


Required Format

  1. The paper should be double-spaced in a Word document.
  2. Use a standard (Arial, Times Roman, Verdana) 12 point type.
  3. The body of the paper is to be 5-6 pages in length.

Reference Page/Bibliography

Cite all references using APA style. You must cite four different references. Minimum of two references may be from the Internet, such as a university or government websit

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