Part I

After reading about the Leopold-Loeb Case, write a 2–3 page informative paper responding to the following:

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  1. How was the victim, Bobby Frank, killed and with what type of weapon?
  2. What would be the primary characteristics of this type of wound?
  3. The investigators linked key evidence from this crime scene to the original source. What was the source, and how valuable was that source of information in connecting one of the defendants to the crime scene?
  4. How would you categorize the motive for the killing in this case?
  5. What type of homicide was this case Leopold-Loeb compared to the types that were learned in the chapter readings?
  6. What are the basic investigative techniques? Did this case follow them? If so, how?

Part II


  1. What is neutralization theory? 

  2. Name 5 of these and illustrate how they work. 

  3. Define and contrast primary and secondary deviance. Provide an example for each. 

  4. What are the policy implications of labeling theory?




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