Future of Informatics Sample Paper

Informatics have changed dramatically in the last ten years. The changes in health care alone have forced organizations to do things far differently than they imagined. The massive amounts of data available grow every day. The purpose of this assignment is to use data and trends to forecast the future of the fields of informatics. Future of Informatics Sample Paper

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Future of Informatics Sample Paper
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Research resent trends to forecast what the coming years may bring for the field of informatics.

Use data to support your predictions

Include a minimum of three peer- reviewed sources

Format your answer according to APA guidelines

Sir, can you please step up to the glass, put your palm on the screen and follow the directions from the computer? This is where our future lies…in bio metrics, computers, and science. Soon there will be no need to fill out tedious paperwork, to try to remember medications or past medical history.Future of Informatics Sample Paper I know it exists in hospitals across America, I have seen it in action many times. Are we as nurses changing with the times? What is nursing informatics? Why is it important to me? How do I rate on the nursing informatics knowledge scale? What is my plan to increase my knowledge base? These questions should be at the forefront of every nurse’s thoughts. The information age has come crashing down on us from every possible angle in our lives, it…show more content…

They are not. Although these terms are related, they are not interchangeable. Health (healthcare) informatics is defined as “the study and application of computers to assist the gathering storage, processing and use of information to improve the procedures or outcomes of healthcare services” (Sullivan, F. 2001). Electronic Medical Records (EMR’s) are a great example of healthcare informatics. The nurse, at that juncture, will utilize the information gathered on the EMR to determine the direction of care for his/her patient, this process is called nursing informatics. I would venture to say that all nurses are using some form of nursing informatics but the degree of usage may vary dependent on many factors, namely, the nurses comfort level with computers. I took the “Pretest Toward Computers in Healthcare (PATCH) Assessment Scale, version 3,” (Kaminski, J.). I scored 92.0, a reasonably good score, but I would have projected a higher score because of my background in Tele-Medicine. I have spent the last 10 years in Tele-Medicine, so it would be a safe assumption that I am computer and/or technology savvy and fluent with multiple platforms. That holds true to a point, but the fact that technology is constantly evolving keeps us all somewhat behind the bubble since computer science is not our primary focus. Nursing informatics will remain a fluid environment, as each nurse becomes more comfortable with technology, each will be able to incorporate innovative Future of Informatics Sample Paper
What is Nursing Informatics? Technology and innovation have transformed the way people function personally and professionally. In the past, writing and mailing a letter was standard but now most people send electronic messages and text messages to phones. Healthcare has been changing tremendously as well, not only are paper charts and records becoming obsolete, but now many facilities are sharing test results, visit information details, and prescribed drug lists. This move into the digital age has helped improve healthcare by cutting costs in the long-term, increasing efficiency with decreased wait times, and reducing medical errors. This evolving technology expansion, commonly referred to as nursing informatics has created many…show more content…
Nurses can review vital signs history for a patient to spot abnormalities and creating a baseline with a few clicks of a mouse and identify inconsistencies and changes in health quickly, which saves not only time but lives too when using nursing informatics. Opportunities in nursing care can be discussed with management and the nursing informatics team to better serve patients.Future of Informatics Sample Paper There is a huge push to reduce costs in healthcare and nursing informatics helps save money while improving patient care. Various members of the healthcare team can now look at the same patient’s chart at the same time at many healthcare facilities. Nursing informatics professionals look for ways to improve the patient experience so that redundancy and waste are removed, but they try to keep the nursing process in mind to avoid sacrificing the level of care provided. Most jobs in this field are in hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical and research companies, and healthcare consulting companies. The locations of available jobs are similar to those offered to a traditional nurse, but it is clear that this position is considered niche and the traditional nurse would have more job opportunities (“Johnson & Johnson Discover Nursing”, 2014).Future of Informatics Sample Paper

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