Book report

Gringo viejo- Carlos Fuentes

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Foreign Languages – Spanish Assignment
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The written book report must include the following (5 paragraphs,3-4 pages, in spanish). always include a bibliography with the name of the book and the author, publisher, and copyright date.


A. introduction- name, author of the book and brief background of the author. Also, in the introduction there should be a summary of the storys main idea{theme}, or briefly describe what the book is about


B.Body of the report- the body of the report is made up of several paragraphs. you can start with a paragraph about the main characters, this may or may not include a physical description of the characters, but it will definitively include a description of their personalities.


c.Figure out which type of conflict or problem exists in the story, and explain it in another paragraph.


no plagerism, double spaced, in spanish

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