For this assessment I will record the audio. Demonstration of ProficiencyBy successfully completing this assessment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the course competenciesthrough the following assessment scoring guide criteria:Competency 1: Describe nurses’ and the interdisciplinary team’s role in informatics with a focus on electronichealth information and patient care technology to support decision making.Describe the interdisciplinary team’s role in collecting and reporting quality indicator data to enhancepatient safety, patient care outcomes, and organizational performance reports.Competency 3: Evaluate the impact of patient care technologies on desired outcomes.Explain how a health care organization uses nursing-sensitive quality indicators to enhance patientsafety, patient care outcomes, and organizational performance reports.Competency 4: Recommend the use of a technology to enhance quality and safety standards for patients.Justify how a nursing-sensitive quality indicator establishes evidence-based practice guidelines fornurses to follow when using patient care technologies to enhance patient safety, satisfaction, andoutcomes.Competency 5: Apply professional, scholarly communication to facilitate use of health information and patientcare technologies.Deliver a professional and effective audio tutorial on a selected quality indicator that engages newnurses and motivates them to accurately report quality data in a timely fashion.Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for citations and references.PreparationThis assessment requires you to prepare an 8–10 minute audio training tutorial (with optional video) for new nurseson the importance of nursing-sensitive quality indicators. To successfully prepare for your assessment, you will needto complete the following preparatory activities:Select a single nursing-sensitive quality indicator that you see as important to a selected type of health caresystem.Conduct independent research on the most current information about the selected nursing-sensitive qualityindicator.Interview a professional colleague or contact who is familiar with quality monitoring and how technology canhelp to collect and report quality indicator data. You do not need to submit the transcript of yourconversation, but do integrate what you learned from the interview into the audio tutorial. Consider thesequestions for your interview:What is your experience with collecting data and entering it into a database?What challenges have you experienced?How does your organization share with the nursing staff and other members of the health care systemthe quality improvement monitoring results?What role do bedside nurses and other frontline staff have in entering the data? For example, do staffmembers enter the information into an electronic medical record for extraction? Or do they enter itinto another system? How effective is this process?Watch the Informatics and Nursing-Sensitive Quality Indicators Video Examplar.

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(For this assessment I will do the audio, just need the paper to read)Prepare an 8-10 minute audio training tutorial (video is optional) for new nurses on the importance of nursingsensitive quality indicators.
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