FOOD ABOUT ART DISCUSSIONChapter 5 organizes art about food into categories including:Securing the Food SupplyStoring and Serving FoodArt that Glorifies FoodArt and the Act of EatingInstructions:After reading Chapter 5, go to to search for an artwork to discuss. In at least two paragraphs, describe at least two formal elements and one principle of composition. Follow the guidelines below before beginning your assignment. 1. Be sure to include the artist’s name, the name of the artwork and the year in which it was made. Describe its dimensions (how big it is) as well as what it was made of. Also, describe whether the work is abstracted, or realistic.2. Use at least one to two paragraph to describe what category from the list above that this artwork falls under and explain how it does. Go to Chapter 5 in your textbook tohelp you decide which category your artwork best falls under. You may also use another source(s) aside from the textbook if you wish, but you must include a link to the website below your response.2. Use at least one to two paragraphs to describe the FORMAL ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES OF COMPOSITION. Be specific and use language found in Chapter 2 of the textbook Being vague or unclear when describing the artwork is the easiest way to lose credit for this assignment. 3. Respond to at least one of your classmate’s posts in which you describe an element or principle that your classmate did not discuss. Again, remember to be specific. 4. Avoid discussing popular paintings that you knew about before taking this course. Take full advantage of the website and this course by getting out of your comfort zone and discussing a work of art that you have never seen before. 5. Include a link to the artwork or copy/paste the image into your discussion box so that you classmates will see the work that you are describing. A photo will be inserted to be able to comment on another students response !

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