Follow the instructions to write 10 pages business planPlease read all instructions very carefullyAll the work must be originalTurnitin report is required

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Follow the instructions to write 10 pages business plan
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ACCG 3008 S1, 2020 Business Plan Requirements
(individual task – 25%)
This task is due 10am, 22nd April 2020 (Note new date)
Let’s get the warning out of the way first. You do NOT need to include a coversheet, but you
will be asked to sign the turn-it-in form which states that YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE
submitted ORIGINAL WORK. You should not be including cut-and-pasted text from internet
sources, other students OR you own previous work. Let me say that again, DO NOT SUBMIT
are severe penalties for plagiarism and self-plagiarism. Don’t be that student crying in my
office after realising that they won’t be able to convince the Disciplinary Committee that there
has been a ‘misunderstanding’ because they submitted the ‘wrong draft’. Trust me, we’ve heard
it many times before. And we didn’t believe it the first time.
OK, warning over – let’s get to the task, which we hope will be not only valuable but also
interesting, and even fun! The assignment requirement is to create a short but
comprehensive three-year business plan for a new business venture. The venture should
be for-profit, but have clear social benefits which would allow it to be considered as a ‘BCorporation’ in a few years. In addition, at least part of the capital should be raised via a
crowdsourcing campaign (e.g. via Kickstarter or similar service). Please read this assessment
guide carefully, including the FAQs at the end of this document, and ask your tutors if you
have any questions.
Pro tip 1: Your plan must be JUSTIFIED. This assignment is not a creative writing exercise.
What this means is that the assumptions that you make should be based on external evidence.
Don’t just pick numbers out of thin air – work out what the staff you require will expect to get
paid. Research the wholesale rates for your inputs. Find similar warehouse space to what you
will need, and find out what it costs. And above all, put all these external references in your
business plan so that the marker can see that you have put something credible together. If there
is one common criticism of the poorer business plans that we have seen it is this: “not enough
evidence”. So from the beginning start working on collecting strong evidence for the key
assumptions / financials in your plan.
Pro tip 2: At the end of the assignment, you will be asked to come up with a VALUATION of
your business. This doesn’t need to be detailed, but again you need to justify both the choice
of valuation method (from the 4 options discussed in Week 5) and the assumptions used to
calculate the valuation. This is something that many students leave to the last minute and hence
score poorly on, so don’t let that be you!
Detailed Requirements
The plan should be a maximum of 10 pages, including financial information as per below, but
MARKED. You should use 12 point Arial font and line spacing should be 1.15. Standard
margins should be used (top and bottom 2.54cm; left and right 2.54cm).
The assignment should be submitted on iLearn as ONE file which EITHER BE A WORD OR
PDF file. DO NOT submit a different format – e.g. Apple Pages, compressed zip file, etc. It
messes up the turn-it-in process which then means I need to contact you and wastes your time
and my time. This means you will need to EMBED your Excel spreadsheet in the word
document or combine it in a pdf file.
If you don’t know how to do that here are a couple of video tutorials from the amazing resource
LinkedIn Learning (previously Access is free for students and you should
definitely check it out if you haven’t already – note that you may need to cut and paste the links
into your browser as pdf links can be problematic:
Embed an excel table into word:
Combine multiple files into a pdf:
Your business plan should be presented with the following headings:
Let me say that again: your business plan should be presented with the following headings.
Your plan will get a mark for the material in each of the sub-headings. It is therefore much
easier for the markers (i.e. your tutor) if you use the headings below, including numbers. Even
more important, it is better for you because you can see what you have done and what you have
left to do. In the sage-like words of my high school maths teacher: “a blank page gets no
Business Plan Headings (compulsory to use)
1.0 Business Plan Pitch
1.1 Written pitch
1.2 Visual pitch
1.3 Backer rewards
2.0 Business Opportunity
2.1 Customer need and target market
2.2 Social impact
2.3 Relevant megatrends
2.4 Similar successful campaign
2.5 Opportunity testing plan
3.0 Sales and Marketing strategy
3.1 Fundamentals
3.2 Social media and free publicity
3.3 Measurement and information
4.0 Operational strategy
4.1 Operational structure
4.2 Outsourcing
4.3 Operational risks
5.0 Financial plans
5.1 P&L and Balance Sheet
5.2 Capital requirements and funding plan
5.3 Valuation and justification
6.0 References
Business Plan Detailed Marking Criteria
The criteria below will be used to evaluate each element of your plan. This will be used in
conjunction with the ‘Overall Criteria’ (p. 6) to determine the grade awarded for each
element of your plan.
1.0 Business Plan Pitch [15%]
1.1 Written pitch
5% – extent to which your pitch ‘sells’ the project by presenting a compelling story of the
benefits to all stakeholders
1.2 Visual pitch
5% – quality of images that accompany the text (note that these must be attributed, and either
be your images or you must have the appropriate permission to use them in your campaign,
i.e. they are open-source)
1.3 Backer rewards
5% – originality, desirability and feasibility of a minimum of four (4) tiers of rewards offered
to backers.
2.0 Business Opportunity [25%]
2.1 Customer need and target market
5% – Business opportunity is clearly articulated with reference to plausible customer need
and target market characteristics
2.2 Social impact
5% – Social benefit – the plan explains the social benefits of the enterprise to one or more
stakeholder groups
2.3 Relevant megatrends
5% – Business opportunity is well justified with reference to ‘megatrends’ and external data
(e.g. ABS reports; industry reports)
2.4 Similar successful campaign
5% – Reference to a similar enterprise to yours which has been funded at least partly via
crowdsourcing, which includes brief details as to the operations and capital raised.
2.5 Opportunity testing plan
5% – Business opportunity includes one plausible and low-cost way that market demand
assumptions can be tested.
3.0 Sales and Marketing strategy [15%]
3.1 Fundamentals
5% – Sales and marketing strategy clearly articulates an appropriate key product success
factor, price, place and promotion strategy and sales force.
3.2 Social media and free publicity
5% – Sales and marketing strategy well explains plausible strategies for social media
marketing and one idea for obtaining free publicity.
3.3 Measurement and information
5% – Sales and marketing strategy includes appropriate measures of success and a plausible
process for obtaining ongoing market information.
4.0 Operational strategy [15%]
4.1 Operational structure
5% – Operational strategy provides an appropriate organisational structure, key positions
and supplier needs.
4.2 Outsourcing and motivation
5% – Operational strategy provides plausible details as to how positions will be filled with
reference to suitability (or otherwise) of outsourcing sites, as well as information as to how
employees / contractors will be motivated to provide the best performance.
4.3 Operational risks
5% – A risk matrix is provided which shows the top five (5) operational risks in terms of
likelihood / impact. The operational strategy clearly defines each risk and briefly explains
how it will be managed.
5.0 Financial plans [15%]
5.1 P&L and Balance Sheet
5% – Financial plans provide a three year P&L summary (1/2 page) and Balance sheet
summary (1/2 page) that are JUSTIFIED and consistent with the previous sections of the
business plan.
5.2 Capital requirements and funding plan
5% – Financial plans identify plausible initial capital requirements and capital funding plan.
5.3 Valuation and justification
5% – Financial plans include a plausible business valuation at the end of year 3 using either
the asset value, capitalised future earnings, earnings multiple or comparable sales approach.
Both the choice of valuation method and the assumptions used to calculate the valuation are
6.0 References [5%]
5% – References cited in APA format (this mark is for correct formatting only: marks for
depth of research and extent of referencing are embedded in the marks for the other sections
as per above.
Additional marking elements [10%]
5% – Readability – clarity of text and expression, extent to which work is free from
typographical and grammatical errors, compliance with specifications in terms of margins,
spacing etc.
5% – Visual impact – appropriate use of pictures and diagrams
Wrong file format: 10% deduction
Late work: No extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total
available marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof
that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission – 20% penalty). This
penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for Special Consideration is made
and approved.
Plagiarism or self-plagiarism (submitting work you have submitted before, either to this
unit or to other units or institutions): Significant penalties, depending on the extent of
Total: 100%
Overall criteria
The following overall criteria will be used to assess each element:
75 –
84% D
a) Shows substantial research into topic with insightful use of references.
b) Interprets the element in an engaging manner and addresses subject with a good
degree of critical evaluation and originality. Statements are well justified and
demonstrate good understanding of the topic.
c) Writing makes logical sense and is consistent with the overall business plan
65 –
a) Shows moderate to substantial research into topic with insightful use of
b) Interprets the element in an engaging manner and addresses subject with a
competent degree of critical evaluation and originality. Statements are well
justified and demonstrate competent understanding of the topic.
c) Writing makes logical sense and is consistent with the overall business plan
50 –
64% P
a) Shows moderate but acceptable research into topic.
b) Interprets the element in a moderate but acceptable manner though without
much distinguishing originality.
c) Writing makes logical sense and is consistent with the overall business plan

a) May be inadequate research into topic, few or no references, or improper use of
those references.
b) Discussion may be poorly formulated and statements may not logically tie
c) Writing may not make logical sense and/or be inconsistent with other elements
of the business plan.
a) Shows very substantial research into topic with extremely insightful use of
b) Interprets the element in an engaging manner and addresses subject with highest
degree of critical evaluation and originality that might be expected of a student.
Statements are well justified and demonstrate deep understanding of the topic.
c) Writing makes logical sense and is consistent with the overall business plan.
Business Plan FAQs
How realistic should my plan be?
It should be as realistic as possible. If you really think you can get equity finance of a
few billion then sure, present your plan for beating Apple at making phones.
Otherwise present something that you might just be able to pull off (with a bit of
luck). But remember that no-one is interested in financing a venture without potential,
so think big. All ventures may fail, so investors are looking for ones that promise high
returns if they succeed.
Having said all that, remember that we are marking the quality of the plan and not the
quality of the idea. And as stated on page 1, the key is that your assumptions are
JUSTIFIED. Lack of evidence = lack of marks.
Does my business idea have to be located in Australia?
Your business plan does not have to be in Australia, but you need to demonstrate that
you can execute the plan in the location you have chosen. So if you are locating the
plan in your home country and make the case that you have the appropriate level of
knowledge / contacts etc. to make it work there that is fine.
What does it mean to include ‘assumptions’ in the financial plan?
The requirements of the rubric state that the financial information must be
“consistent” with the other elements of the business plan. Therefore good plans will
explicitly show a link between the financial information and the other sections of the
plan – e.g. the marketing section will detail the type and level of marketing to be
conducted and this calculation will be shown as a footnote to the financial plan.
I failed the unit previously because of that %#$ stuff on consolidation, but I
wrote an awesome business plan. Can I just resubmit it again this semester?
NO. This is clearly against the University plagiarism policy. You need to submit a
DIFFERENT business plan to what you submitted before. Look on the bright side –
your new plan may turn out to be the one that makes you famous!
I’ve got to the end of the process and I realise that my idea isn’t going to make
that much money (in fact I now think it sucks). What should I do?
As noted above, we are not judging the quality of your idea, but rather how well you
can put together a business plan. So don’t worry and submit your plan anyway.
Include a comment in the plan that makes it clear that this is not a profitable
opportunity, but point to areas that might warrant further exploration (and don’t quit
your day job just yet).
Formatting and referencing
Should I include a cover page, title page and/or table of contents?
You don’t need a formal cover page (as you will accept the turn-it-in conditions) but
you should have a title page with your name and student number. A table of contents
is optional.
Do I have to reference my sources?
Yes – if you are referring to external information – industry reports, statistics etc. then
they should be properly referenced.
Do I have to follow a particular referencing format?
Yes, APA 6. For more information about this style and help with referencing refer to
this library blog post:
Page limits
My amazing financial report / awesome marketing plan / brilliant idea can’t
possibly fit into the page limit.
We realise that you will have lots more detail behind what you are submitting. But
you have to make it concise, punchy and to the point.
Does my reference list count in the page limit?
No. It should be included as an appendix.
If I include a title page and table of contents, are they included in the page limit?
Neither the title page nor contents page will be included in the page limit.
I’ve worked and worked to make sure that my assignment complies with the
page limit, but when I look at the turn-it-in printout, the page formatting is all
wrong and it looks like I’m over the limit.
Don’t worry – this is a known issue with turn-it-in. If we are concerned that you may
be over the page limit we have access to your originally submitted file.
I’ve worked really hard on my plan but just when I was going to spend a few
days putting the finishing touches on it I’ve become sick. What should I do?
There are some ‘do’s and a ‘don’t’ here:
• DO submit a formal request for Special Consideration, following the process
outlined in the Special Consideration policy which is available here:
Your application is assessed centrally (i.e. not by me) and if it is approved I
then determine the appropriate response – e.g. by granting an extension.
• DO submit your application quickly – note that there is a time limit for
• DO specify the Unit, the assessment task and the length of the extension you
are applying for. Bear in mind that extensions are almost never granted for
periods longer then the period of illness – i.e. if you have a medical certificate
for three days you will only get a maximum three day extension.
Okay folks, now for the biggie:
• DON’T wait to submit your assignment before receiving the outcome
from your Special Consideration request. There is a delay between your
submitting the request and it being forwarded and processed by me, so do
not wait to submit the assignment while you wait for the outcome. As noted
above, if you are sick for three days before the submission date, even if your
application is successful you will only receive a maximum of a three
day extension, but your application will almost certainly take longer than three
days to process. Therefore if you wait until you receive the official outcome to
lodge your assignment, it will probably still be so late as to get few marks!
I’m disappointed with my mark. I think my tutor has misunderstood my
brilliance and also I’ve heard that they mark harder than anyone else who has
ever lived. What should I do?
First of all, rest assured that we look at the distribution of marks between tutors to
make sure marking is consistent between tutors. This is one reason assignments
sometimes take a while to return, as sometimes tutors are asked to remark their
assignments. If you are unhappy with your mark you should set up a meeting with
your tutor to go through your assignment. If you remain unhappy you have the right
to contact the Unit Convener of this module to discuss further, but be aware that
changing marks is very rare.

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