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ENGL 463 / CLST 305 – Spring 2020
1st Watchmen Take Home Exam
Submit on Blackboard by the end of the day on April 26 (15%)
Write a brief analysis (4-5 paragraphs) of one of the two-page examples below. Your answer
should do the following:
a) explain the significance of the pages relative to the story arc of the whole chapter (i.e.
what happens before and after);
b) discuss how the visual grammar of the pages works to develop the overall story arc and
themes of the chapter.
When you discuss the grammar of the panels, you should use the formal concepts we have
covered in class from McCloud, Kress, and other sources (see “Grammar of Page and Panels”).
However, you do not need to parse every panel or all the transitions between panels. Focus
rather on what you see as the key panels and transitions and develop a thesis about the
relation of the pages to the whole chapter.
When you reference specific panels, you use the conventional Z reading path numbering for
each page, i.e. left to right across rows down the page.
You can compose your answers on this Word file and then upload it on Blackboard.
ENGL 463 / CLST 305 – Spring 2020
1. Ch. 2: Absent Friends (12-13)
ENGL 463 / CLST 305 – Spring 2020
2. Ch. 3: The Judge of All the Earth (12-13)
ENGL 463 / CLST 305 – Spring 2020
3. Ch. 4: Watchmaker (12-13)

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