Fall Reduction Assignment Paper

In a skilled nursing facility, human factors can be seen as a restraining force to change old fashioned fall reduction strategies to innovative techniques.  In this situation, the overall goal of the fall reduction project is to educate nursing practitioners about the main signs, threats and causes of falls and advice nursing practitioners about innovative approaches and prevention techniques used in modern nursing facilities. The second goal is to train nurses in a practical manner and help them to recognize potential threats in a nursing facility.Fall Reduction Assignment Paper It is true that many nurses do not know what their role is, and in recent years attempts have been made to clarify individual roles. Many nurses are afraid that they will not be able to cope with the change which can lead to poor performance and mistakes in fall reduction.

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Fall Reduction Assignment Paper
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Five Objectives

The proposed practices are: (1) evaluate all risks faced by a patient of a specific age group; (2) evaluate threats faced by a patient (with disability) during a day; (3) analysis of severity of a fall; (if happens) (4) develop a unique strategy to prevent a fall for a specific resident; (5) practical usage of iinjury risk reduction tools (hip protectors, helmets, etc.).This strategy is inevitable, because changing technology requires changing methods of reporting practices in order to meet high standards of healthcare. Problems encountered indicate the need for change. During this stage, managers will discuss the need of change and possible solution to solve current problems. A nursing leader will pursued nursing staff to introduce innovative fall reduction techniques in order to improve their communication and save time. Fall Reduction Assignment Paper

The fall reduction strategy begins while changes are being made in the behavior of nurses or in the organizational process (Sullivan and Decker 2005). During this stage, training will be the main goal. A simple example is where fall reduction training is given to nursing staff to use injury prevention tools and change from pure prevention strategies to staff collaboration is required. Such techniques will be made subject to the staff being convinced of potential better results by the new system. They will be more likely to feel a part of the change following new values and practices according to new environment and technology they are working with.Fall Reduction Assignment Paper

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