Excessive Use of Antibiotics Sample

Abuse of antibiotics Over the years, human beings have various possibilities to overcome health problems, expansion of infectious diseases and infections, disease management, and efforts to build a healthy society without disease and health problems I have tried. They were very successful.Excessive Use of Antibiotics Sample The book “good bacteria, bad bacteria” explains the average life expectancy even if it is much older than before. Epidemiological problems and infections are getting less and less, and humans are undergoing treatment.

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Excessive Use of Antibiotics Sample
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The overuse of antibiotics has become one of the main reasons for the development of antibiotic resistance. Since the beginning of the era of antibiotics antibiotics have been used to treat a variety of diseases. Excessive use of antibiotics is the main cause of an increase in antibiotic resistance. The main problem is that the doctor is willing to prescribe antibiotics for those who believe that antibiotics can cure almost any disease including viral infections such as colds. In prescription drug analysis, 36% of individuals with colds or upper respiratory tract infections (both due to viruses) received antibiotic prescriptions. In addition to increasing the risk of further evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, these prescriptions have not been realized.Excessive Use of Antibiotics Sample

Antibiotics combat colds, influenza, sore throat, bronchitis, and infectious diseases such as sinusitis and ear infections. The widespread use of antibiotics for these diseases is an example of how excessive use of antibiotics can promote expansion of antibiotic resistance. The smart use of antibiotics is the key to controlling the spread of resistance. A: Bacteria are resistant to antibiotics in several ways. Some bacteria can “neutralize” antibiotics by changing it to make it harmless. Other people learned how to return antibiotics to bacteria. Because some bacteria can change their external structure, antibiotics can not adhere to the bacteria they kill.Excessive Use of Antibiotics Sample

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