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In Word, write the first draft of your Research paper. Your subject should be brief, but clearly presented in an introduction and your main arguments or assessments listed in the body of the paper. You should already have found your sources which should be listed as both in-text citations and in a Reference list at the end of your paper. Submit your outline to the appropriate dropbox.


This paper must:


•Be between 2 and 3 pages (600 to 900 words) in length – double spaced.

•Use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling and follow the APA format.

•Have an introduction, a development, and a conclusion. In the development you should present your arguments or assessment of the issue you selected while staying objective. In the conclusion, however, you can take a position and state your opinion.

•This being an Economics course, your arguments should pertain to the economy.

•Your arguments should be supported as much as possible by articles or studies that have been made on the subject. If you mention statistics or any data or numbers, your source should be clearly stated, otherwise your argument won’t be valid. Most sources should be less than 3 years old.

•Include a list of references (URLs, articles, books, etc.) in a separate Bibliography / Webliography.


* The Grading Rubric that will be used to evaluate your paper can be found in the Syllabus in the Course Home

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