I need your help doing assignment for me its kind of confusing one but I hope we get to know whats going on with it… 
the assignment is developing into two parts .. it need to do an interview with someone we can put any name for it right! 
First I reed the attached pdf ((part 1 and part 2 the one has checked mark)) pick up one topic from the list  write about it 50 question or so … 
Second part …. Describe your top food concern in detail

Body of report
1)  In the first paragraph, identify who and why you interviewed your chosen expert.  Provide their complete name, job title, company or organization, and address.  Describe their background and experience as it relates to your topic.  
2)  In the following paragraphs, write the information that the expert provided in answer to your questions.  You may include as much follow-up information as possible in order to provide details in regard to your topic.


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