In preparation for the Opposing Viewpoints short paper due in Module Five, you will outline a position (thesis) on a topic of your choosing. 


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Using the Prewriting Template provided, outline two to three of your reasons for supporting your thesis and then also outline the objection’s position. Please note that the main purpose of this assignment is to formulate the strongest possible objection to your own position before responding to it.


You will be required to use at least four outside (i.e., other than the textbook) sources for this paper, two for each side of the issue. You do not need to do extensive reearch before completing the outline.


Possible topics: Affirmative Action, Abortion, State-Financed Health Care, Flat Tax…or anything you want. It is best to choose a position for which you can find reasonable arguments on both sides.


Note: You should use at least two outside resources for each position in this paper (minimum four resources total).

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