1.Using Google Scholar, find and describe an actual episode of a student, business professional, or well-known public figure being expelled, punished, or fired for plagiarism. Be careful to cite direct quotations from your article and to put the words into quotations, identifying the writer/speaker.

2.Use this case as a springboard to discuss the importance of practicing academic honesty in school and beyond. In your answer, define plagiarism and describe ways that students and employees can unwittingly perpetrate academic dishonesty without realizing it.

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3.Finally, discuss what steps you can take to ensure that you are always properly crediting ideas that you use in your own work.

Your Individual Project should contain the following:
•An introduction with a clear thesis statement
•Body paragraphs with topic sentences
•Supporting information in the form of quotes or paraphrased passages
•A meaningful conclusion
•A properly formatted reference page with at least one reliable source
•Proper in text citations

In addition to these structural guidelines your individual project should also contain the following:
•A cover page
•Page numbers
•Be double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman.

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