After researching your topic and finding reliable sources, the next step is to use the information you have found to develop a working outline. In this assignment, you will build from your annotated bibliography. Using the same topic you researched in phase 2, you will plan and outline a Problem/Solution essay. You will use this outline to create a rough draft.

Before creating your first draft of the Problem/Solution essay, you will create a double-spaced outline that plans out your Problem/Solution essay in process.

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The outline should begin with your Thesis Statement and introduce the Problem/Issue.

A well-integrated outline will include evidence of outside research integration, including specific statistics and data. Avoid using single word descriptions.  The stronger outline will be the more detailed and developed outline. 

Your Outline should contain the following:
•A thesis statement
•Topic sentences
•Supporting information in the form of quotes or paraphrased passages
•A properly formatted reference page with at least two reliable sources
•Proper in text citations

In addition to these structural guidelines your individual project should also contain the following:
•A cover page
•Page numbers

Be double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman

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