I’m a part of a project group our presentation is about space shuttle called endeavor my part is to search information about the next main points:
B. Mission Highlights

a. First Mission

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b. Hubble Repair

c. Final Mission
d. Stats (days in space, miles logged, total missions, etc.)


3. Relocation Overview

A. Flight to LAX from Florida

a. 747 Mount

b. Flight Route

It should be 8 PowerPoint slides the total of my work 

Please use these links to find the information or find any reference but please put the other links to

Project information Sources
1. Cordoba Corporation was the company responsible for moving the shuttle from lax to California since center. This is their press release describing the entire process.

2. Cordoba hired company called DEA to scan and map the entire route endeavor would take. This is an article from a laser scanning and mapping trade magazine called LIDAR news.

3. An article from LA Times about moving the space shuttle across Los Angeles. They have a great video showing the process in a time-lapse format.

4. Auto blog showing that Toyota tundra pulling the space shuttle: the Manchester Boulevard Bridge couldn’t stand up to the weight of both the shuttle and the traditional tow vehicle, which sent organizers searching for something a little lighter to cover the five-minute drive across the bridge. As a 20-year sponsor of the science center, Toyota stepped in to help out.

5. Article from Cal Contractor Magazine: Cordoba hired two companies, Dunkle bros and the Trench Shoring Company and their job was to test and be sure from all the roads from LAX to California since center is it going to be capable of standing when the shuttle move .


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