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Need help finsishing a potery explication esssay that i started, it needs to be no grammar and plagrism and i also need it back by tomorrow. The maxium word count is 750 to 1500 words




Allen Heath


Ms. Murrell


English 102


1 April, 2014  


                                    We real cool. We


                                    Left school. We




Lurk late. We


                                    Strike straight. We




Sing Sin. We


                                    Thin gin. We




Jazz June. We


Die soon.


“Life is too short”


The poem “We real cool” is written by Gwendolyn Brooks. The poem is basically explaining some of the issues that we as students face. The author wrote this poem when she was walking by a pool hall during school time. She was wondering how the guys who skipped school felt. The poem was banned because of the word jazz, many thought the word jazz was referring to sex. “We real cool” in the first stanza by itself is saying that they think that they are too cool for school so they left school. I believe the poem is describing a situation where they are in or it could be talking about the listeners. Throughout the poem the author is explaining how they left school and after that everything was downhill.


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