Rewrite the sentences using the underlined words. Use a noun phrase (NP), participle clause (PC), or prepositional phrase (PP) in the given order.

i. The train is the 5.15. The train is now arriving at platform 9 (PC). It is from Plymouth (PP).

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The train ___________________________________________________.


ii.  Leonard Capricorns’ new film is likely to be a huge box-office success. The film is called “Overkill” (NP). It is going to be released next week. (PC)

Leonard Capricorn’s ____________________________________________.


iii. The meeting has been cancelled. The meeting was planned for tomorrow (PC). It was between the French and Swedish finance ministers. (PP)

The meeting __________________________________________________.


iv. My former colleague has written a new book on Grammar. His name is Bob Jarvis (NP). He is Head of Languages at Boulton College (NP).

My former colleague ______________________________________________.


v. The paintings were probably worth over a million pounds. The paintings were by Tracy Hirst (PP). They were destroyed in the fire (PC).


The paintings ___________________________________________________.

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