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In EDU622, you will explore the application and analysis of behaviorist, cognitivist, and constructivist learning theories as they are used by educational and training professionals.

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You have been appointed as program director and have responsibility for several instructional designers and course instructors. One of your jobs involves visiting classrooms from time to time and observing the classroom delivery by the instructors.

Complete the following:

  • As an observing supervisor who is watching an instructor carry out a class exercise or activity, how would you tell that the instructor and students are using a behavioral, cognitive, or constructivist approach as the primary theory behind the learning activity?
  • What characteristics of each theoretical area would you look for as observational markers?
  • If your instructor asks you for more information on any of the three main theoretical areas, to which key articles or books from the AIU library would you refer them as touchstones for each theoretical area? Why?

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