the subject of the essay is RISKS OF SNAPCHAT ON TEENAGERS

I want you to talk about :

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1- what is being showed & how it can be a risk

2- what type of pictures or videos do young people post that could be harmful if they become public.

3- what are people really agreeing to when they hit the ” I accept to the terms & conditions ” button

4- how often do people use Snapchat?

5- how does Snapchat gathering now GPS become a problem?

6- how does teenagers wanting to run away from parent control by using Snapchat?






In this essay you will critically analyze, question, and discuss a specific focus of the subject/topic you’re reviewing. Your purpose is to act as a cultural critic: interpreting your topic within a particular social, economic, political, and cultural context, and making a specific claim about your topic’s significance within this context.  TOPIC SELECTION:   
   The topic you select to review must meet the following criteria: – It’s something you have experience with, even if only in the role of observer (you’ve seen it, read it, used it, etc.), or it has an impact on your life; – There is a larger conversation evaluating and discussing it that you can engage with and respond to (other people have written and published opinion-based reviews); – You can identify something significant about your subject within a particular larger social, economic, political, or cultural context. Within these parameters you can review almost anything: think openly and creatively about the possibilities. No matter what you select to review, you will further narrow your topic by identifying one particular angle or aspect as a focus.  DRAFTING GUIDELINES:   
   Your first draft will likely be an exploratory draft, in which you discuss multiple aspects and possibilities within your selected subject. After that point, you’ll identify a very specific aspect or angle of your subject to explore in depth, centering your discussion around a specific and arguable claim.  § CONTEXT: Structure your essay as a response to the most pertinent aspects of the larger conversation around your subject. Summarize and synthesize the relevant parts of other reviews in order to provide a context for your response.  o All outside sources must be introduced and their credibility explained. Cite sources parenthetically in your text and provide full MLA citations in the Works Cited section.  § CLAIM: Your thesis for this essay should be specific, significant, and show how it’s arguable by highlighting the points of difference with other viewpoints. Your claim should articulate your sharply focused opinion on one specific aspect of your topic. § SUPPORT & DISCUSSION: Most of your essay will be an analytical, detailed, and complex discussion that supports and explains your claim. Structure your discussion around clearly articulated ideas and reasons that fully support your claim in its entirety. § EVIDENCE: Bring in multiple forms of specific and detailed evidence to illustrate the main points that support your claim. Discus in detail how each piece of evidence supports your claim. § SIGNIFICANCE: Explain the significance of reviewing your subject, and what is at stake with your take on it (articulated by your claim). Connect your review subject to one particular larger social, cultural, political, or economic context or issue.  FORMATTING:   
   At least 6 full pages (by the third draft)  1-inch margins, Times font, size 12, double-spaced   Works Cited section in MLA format

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