Based on My Experience: Recommending Your College or University With any purchase decision, from a restaurant meal to a college education, recommendations from satisfied customers are often the strongest promotional messages.

Your task Write a script for a one- to two-minute podcast (roughly 150 to 250 words) explaining why your college or university is a good place to get an education. Your audience is high school juniors and seniors. You can choose to craft a general message, something that would be useful to all prospective students, or you can focus on a specific academic discipline, the athletic program, or some other important aspect of your college experience. Either way, make sure your introductory comments make it clear whether you are offering a general recommendation or a specific recommendation. If your instructor asks you to do so, record the podcast and submit the file electronically.

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that compares(and contrasts) the use of print and electronic media for the (same) message.

Submit the comparative paper as a Microsoft® Word document. Include APA documentation (in text and Reference page).



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