Process for improvement

In this assignment, students will create a PowerPoint presentation.  Students will identify the techniques used to improvement processes in an organizational setting. 

Phase 1 Discussion Post (0%) (week 5)

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Students will submit in a Week 5 Learning Activity posting a brief outline:

·       Identifying the organization

·       Identifying the process that is in need of improvement

·       Identifying the techniques that will be presented in the PowerPoint presentation

Your selection of techniques from the textbook and outside sources should include at a minimum:

·       One (1) data analysis tool

·       One (1) idea generation tool,

·       One (1) planning tool

·       One (1) change management tool; and

·       One (1) action/execution tool

Phase 2 PowerPoint Presentation (week 8)

Required Elements to include in the Final Project:


·       Identify the organization

·       Identify brief points about the organization process/processes

·       Justify ten (10) techniques from the course that you would use to improve processes in an organization that you have chosen

·       Discuss the pros and cons of the tool providing evidence and examples of the use of the tool

·       Provide recommendations to a future tool user

Post your presentation of 12 PowerPoint slides both to the Learning Activity (for feedback from your peers) and to your Assignments folder for grading. Put short bullets on your slides, with talking points below the slides.




Activity 1

The business opportunity (What is the problem?)

Information Technology Services (ITS)- Process Improvement; a better method is needed.

Process improvement goals and benefits (How will you measure success?)

The organizations’ goals are to cut unnecessuary business expenses.

Success will be measured by managing and defining a process and often evaluate it using data-driven information.

 The process value would be viewed through the eyes of our customers.  The organization will breakdown the process silos by contributing towards understanding of how processes interact and impact our employees and customers.

Ultimately the core goal is to understand and identify issues to implement and recognize answers to stay aligned with expectations and needs of our customers.

Activity #2

Does your organization/department use project charters when being a new initiation?

Yes it utilizes project charters in the initiation of the Information Technolology process improvement methodology.

If yes, do they help in the effective of project sponsorship & execution?

It is a guideline to the Information process improvement methodology. It explains and discusses in depth the process improvement. It introduces to the organization phases, activities and stages of the method and process improvement teams around design are carried out.




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