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“Social Entrepreneurs Go Mainstream” (attached above)

“A new kind of company”  

com/magazine/20070701/priority-a-new-kind-of-company.html” target=”_blank”>

“Who will rule?”
“Living wealth: Better than money”

“Natural capitalism” – an excerpt


The American social contract has changed dramatically over the past five decades.  In your grandparents’ and, albeit somewhat less so, in your parents’ generations, individuals tended to stay in one career within the same organization throughout their working lives.  In turn, organizations tended to offer employees what essentially amounted to life-time employment and pension benefits upon retirement.  Today, individuals (you and I) will more often than not have multiple careers and move from organization to organization throughout our working lives.  Organizations no longer consider us as life-long employees.  Layoffs are more frequent and the pension system is on the way to extinction as employee/employer funded retirement investment plans grow in popularity.



What is your view of these changes?  Should organizations be responsible to their employees beyond benefits and compensation packages (i.e. healthcare, retirement savings accounts, wages and salaries)?  Specifically, should an organization consider the health and well being of its employees beyond these basic requirements.  Why or why not?  This might include lifelong employment, the health and happiness of employees, work life balance, extra benefits and perks, and a commitment to cutting profits rather than engaging in layoffs (when feasible).  Use course theories, the readings from this week, and other corporate examples to support your analysis. You might also reconsider or revisit your initial thoughts on the role of organizational empathy towards employees as stakeholders in your response post.


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