“Why to College?”

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At a very young age, I recognized my dream of becoming a Neonatal Nurse due to the effect that my infant brother passing away had on my life.  This traumatic experience gave me the passion and commitment I have for this field of work. At that point in time when I suffered my lost I had no idea of the emotional scars it had left on me. Out of grief I wondered, researched and talked with others with similar experiences almost constantly. This life experience evocated and consumed my mind for acquired actions; causing me to experience change in my social status so it was then, I decided with my compassion I wanted to be a Neonatal Nurse. At the tender age of 6, most people would think things like this wouldn’t settle and become a dark spot on your heart but for me, the dark spot turned in my youthfulness and moved me toward the love of the innocence in babies and how I can apply my personal life experience with my baby brother to an ever changing experience to provide honor, homage, humility and patience into my life endeavors. Even until this day I still think back, reminiscing on all of the things I could’ve done with him; moments shared together; the feelings that would’ve been invested into making sure that he knew, he was loved.


I’m very excited to apply to Shaw University. I would like to attend Shaw University for many reasons. First, I am interested in majoring in Nursing. Shaw University would be great for me because going here would allow me to fulfil my compassion as well as fit in  with other students that go to an Historically Black College And Universities,  not only that but it would let me have a chance to learn in this environment and excel in my career. In addition, Shaw University is located in North Carolina this would be a great location for me because it’ s far away from home and would allow me to pour my all into my academia. Also, going to Shaw would help me to expand my horizon and be able to meet new people, alike. I would like to attend a college that’s far away from home but also one that allows me to be independent and responsible. Shaw University is perfect and the right fit for me.


            Shaw University has a great Recreational Therapy program, this would be a great program for me because this program works with different people in different ways with disabling conditions. I’ve planned to help put together with other people that have similar experiences and start a non-profit organization for premature babies. This will help benefit me by going to college and gaining more knowledge in nursing. Attending college will be beneficial in the long run, not only is it beneficial but it opens up your mind set, opens many doors and provides many advantages and opportunities you might not notice with only a high school diploma.College is also about networking, the networks you make in college can help you build a well of great financial and life resources you can use for years to come. Also this would help me as a person because having the college experience will help me grow personally and professionally to become a better person gaining the experience I need to independence and to become a Neonatal Nurse.


I believe Shaw University is the right school for me. Not only does it have a great Recreational Therapy program, but it is also the right location, right size and the right environment for me to stand up and stand out in endeavors. I am looking forward to being a Bear!




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