Project Introduction:

     This project will require you to complete a research report in two parts. In the first part, you will prepare a rough draft of your research report, which will include your research question, methodology, and literature review.

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     In the second part, you will incorporate your instructor’s feedback and create a report with more details on your research design and information about your data collection methods. You will provide the APA citation for all the sources that you will use in the project.


Course Learning Objectives Covered:

  1. Define the systematic process of scientific inquiry and social research.
  2. Describe different types of research terms and methodologies and their purposes.
  3. Compare and contrast the methods and specific uses of quantitative and qualitative research.
  4. Evaluate the methodology, evidence, and conclusions of others’ qualitative research.
  5. Gather research data from indirect data sources.
  6. Analyze the challenges and ethical issues involved with social research.
  7. Write an original qualitative research question to draw valid conclusions about a socially relevant topic.
  8. Define types of data sources used in social research.
  9. Analyze and develop an appropriate method for collecting data for qualitative research.
  10. Synthesize data, research findings, and potential ethical considerations by designing and working on a qualitative research project.
  11. Make a presentation of research design and data collection methods.


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