Section 2 – Guided Response (Post by Day 5):
Respond to two classmates.  Review the activities and skills included on their charts.  Use one of the activities listed on their charts to create a situational example in story form, such as a case study.  Within your story, include a complication in which they would need to adapt the lesson.  This complication can be an environmental, individual, or task-related constraint.  Environmental constraints are faulty/missing equipment, weather, space, time, etc.  Individual constraints include any difficulty or disability that the student might encounter.  A task related constraint includes complications incorporating the activity or lesson to be taught. 

Conclude with a question as to how this lesson could be adapted in the given situation.

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For example: They might have chosen to teach a 6-year-old (individual) to hit a ball (task) off a tee and provide them with a light weight, fat barreled bat (environment).  You can create an individual constraint such as “When you are teaching a class of 6-year-olds how to hit a ball off of a tee, you notice a child is having difficulty holding the bat. If the bat is too large for the child, how could you adapt the activity for this individual?”  You could also create a situation in which a child has already mastered this activity and is ready to advance or even create an example with inclement weather or faulty/missing equipment, etc. Be creative!



Fundamental Motor Skills Chart


Age of child

Fundamental Motor Skill
(choose one locomotor (moving), non-locomotor (stationary) or manipulative skill that would be developmentally appropriate to teach each age group)

Explain what game or activity that you would use to teach this skill 
(example: to teach balance you might use a low balance beam and instructions on how to hold their arms out straight)

2 yrs

Walks on tiptoes

Demonstration of the skill

3 yrs

Walks backwards

Place a line of tape on the floor and encourage child to walk backwards while staying on the line.

4 yrs

Jumps up and down in place

Have the child jump up and down inside a hoola hoop placed on the floor.

5 yrs

Jump rope

Start by placing the jump rope across the floor and having child jump over it without touching it. Use cues and demonstrations to build the skill. Show how to flick their wrist and then advance into turning the rope over and over. When the rope touches the floor have child jump.

6 yrs

Rides a bike with training wheels

Games including balance would be beneficial. Having child walk on balance beams, stand on one foot. Learning to balance their weight in different manners will help them stay on the bike.

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