Guided Response:  Respond to two classmates.  Select a classmate who discussed a skill that you are either interested in or also are proficient at.  Include an explanation of which stage you are currently located for that skill and what you would need to do to move toward the next level of that skill.


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  The skill I think I am the most proficient at is driving. I love to drive, it is fun to drive anywhere sometimes and just see what is around you. Having the windows rolled down and listening to your favorite music. I believe I am very proficient at this because of the change of driving I have had from the states to South Korea. This place is very crazy when it comes to driving. Red lights here are optional for people, the only rule is not to hit people that are crossing. They also don’t have police pulling people over. The have signs with red numbers and a red circle around it and this means that this is the speed limit and that there is a camera up ahead. Most of the time, people will slow down to the correct speed and once they have driven past the camera, will speed up again past the speed limit until they see that sign again. So basically this is a warning for the upcoming speed camera. Before all of this though, I learned how to drive when I was 17. I was late in learning because my dad was deployed and my mom was too scared to hand over the wheel. I also took a class called master drive which they offer in Colorado.

            The first phase was seeing and learning about driving as a whole. It is was a gradual thing that I think continuously observed by parents do since I was born. While my dad was gone, my mom would help me understand driving first by telling me a few bits of information here or there. I believe that this also worked with the next step which is demonstration. Driving was not always a task, I never really paid that much attention to it until I started to learn how to. I would watch how my parents would change lanes and how they would know what signs meant what. We also would take road trips to our grandparent’s house so I was able to get a lot of experience with different signs when we did this.

            I am not so sure about the ques that would appear with me practicing my driving. There might be subtle things I would pick up on such as automatic response in my head of when I was too close to the car in front of me. I really enjoy cars so I am able to listen to sounds that the car makes and tell from that sound if there was something wrong with the engine or anything else. With master drive, they started with three days of classroom instruction and they taught you as much as they could. They talked about each possible scenario that could happen while driving. They covered how to change a tire and what to do if you fishtailed or skidded on ice. They were very thorough with helping prepare young drivers learning to drive. The n they gave two days out on their driving course where you and an instructor would learn about your car. They would give detailed instructions and then they would let you take your car out to push it to the max and teach you what to do in intense situations. It was an amazing program that helped build my confidence about getting behind the wheel.

            If I were going to give advice on how teenagers should learn how to drive, I would suggest finding a program like master drive that is offered in your state. A program that will be useful and will do extensive training to help students understand the precautions of driving and how important it is to be safe. I would also suggest to not rush into driving, if the parents don’t feel their child is ready, don’t force them to do it. Make sure that they read a lot about driving. They understand that they are basically driving a machine and that they need to responsible and alert when behind the wheel. 


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